Portable Storage Cost Comparison Chart

When you’re renting a portable storage unit, are you comparing containers to containers?
Chargeable Billing Items Mobile Modular
Portable Storage
Other Providers Cost Benefit
Billing Cycle
30 day 28 day A 30 day billing cycle will generate one less invoice per year than a 28 day billing cycle or an extra 7% or more.
Save at least 7%
Loss Liability Waiver
No Yes
Save up to 10%
Property Tax
No Yes Mobile Modular does not charge extra property tax while other providers typically can charge up to 3%.
Save up to 3%
1 Month Rental
$100+Tax $121.30+Tax  
TOTAL $600
(based on 6 month rental)
(based on 6 month rental)
SAVE $127.80
(Save up to 26% or over 1 month rental rate)
Renting a Mobile Modular Portable Storage unit can actually save you money!