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Mobile Modular Portable Storage Growth by Acquisition

Mobile Modular Portable Storage is a division of McGrath RentCorp. Founded in 1979, McGrath RentCorp manages a diversified portfolio of business-to-business equipment rental providers worldwide. Our businesses serve a broad spectrum of industries, including telecommunications, construction, education, petrochemical and environmental.

If you are thinking of selling your business, please consider Mobile Modular Portable Storage as a potential buyer.

McGrath RentCorp has been in the rental business since day one and is widely recognized as a solid company with a deep knowledge of how to serve customers. Our success is rooted in our strong culture, exceptional customer service, and eye for expansion.

We have a strong balance sheet and easily accessible capital to complete the purchase of your business. We respect that you have built a unique and valuable organization, and we will make the process as smooth and fair as possible.

Companies large or small, we look forward to speaking with you. We promise complete confidentiality throughout the process. Please contact us to learn more.

John Lieffrig, Vice President
Phone: 815-570-7176

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