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Why Renting an Office Shipping Container or Office Trailer is the Smart Choice

Are you in need of an office space solution? When deciding between a shipping container office or an office trailer, there are several factors to consider. Both a shipping container office and an office trailer are portable solutions that can be used as temporary or permanent workspaces and provide you with numerous advantages.


Decades ago, storage containers served primarily as shipping vessels, particularly for ocean freight services. These containers resemble large metal boxes with doors, floors, walls and a seamless roof. They come in various sizes and are stackable on ships, railcars or flatbed trailers for easy transport.

In recent years, storage containers have become more practical and versatile in many residential, commercial and industrial uses. They can efficiently handle a broad application range, from storage units for construction equipment to extra warehouse space, and mobile offices. Beyond just storage, these containers can be innovatively converted into offices or combined spaces, offering both office functionality and storage solutions, illustrating their versatility and practicality in today's dynamic work environments.



Office trailers offer convenient, portable office or classroom space to help meet limited space requirements. Transportable, budget-friendly, and multifunctional, office trailers or mobile offices are ideal for industries such as construction, education, government, medical, industrial and manufacturing, especially when there is a temporary and urgent need for expanding office space.


Differences Between Shipping Container Offices and Office Trailers

While both shipping container offices and office trailers can serve as temporary office spaces, they have their unique characteristics. Before committing to a shipping container office or office trailer, careful research is critical for determining the most beneficial option.

Shipping Container Offices

  • Offer ground level access and eliminate the need for steps, ramps, and blocking the frame for support
  • Steel exterior improves security and durability
  • Stackable and forklift pockets make it easier to move on-site
  • Smaller sizes available for specific applications
  • A more affordable option compared to office trailers

Office Trailer

  • Quick delivery and installation
  • Flexible floorplans
  • Ability to customize to meet your jobsite requirements
  • Turnkey solution with furniture, site services, waste tanks and more available for lease
  • Budget-friendly building solution

Why Rent a Shipping Container Office?

Renting a shipping container office provides several advantages:

Affordability: Renting a shipping container office is a cost-effective option compared to leasing an office trailer.

Speed and Convenience: Shipping containers are readily available and can be quickly installed, offering a hassle-free solution for your office space needs.

Flexibility: Renting a shipping container office allows you to easily adjust your workspace requirements as your needs change or for temporary projects.

Durability: Shipping containers are built to withstand various weather conditions, providing a durable and long-lasting office solution.

An Office Shipping Container

Mobile Modular Portable Storage Shipping Container Office Options

Portable Storage
Portable storage
Portable Office
Portable Office
Office & Storage Combo
Office & Storage Combo
Office & Storage Combo
Refrigerated Container


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Choosing Between Office Containers vs. Office Trailers

Check out our infographic on the various factors to consider when deciding between an office container or an office trailer.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main differences between shipping container offices and office trailers?

Shipping container offices offer ground-level access, steel exterior, stackable features, and smaller sizes, making them more affordable. Office Trailers, on the other hand, offer higher elevation, larger sizes, and improved aesthetics.

What are the applications of shipping container offices and office trailers?

Both shipping containers offices and office trailers can serve as temporary office spaces, storage solutions, and can be customized to accommodate various needs.

What are the size options available for shipping container offices?

Sizes include 10', 20', 20' Double Door, 24', 40', and 40' Double Door.

How can I request a quote for renting or purchasing a shipping container office?

You can request a quote through the website by selecting the industry, type of container, and any additional accessories required.

What industries can benefit from shipping container offices and office trailers?

Industries such as Agriculture, Construction, Education, Environmental, Government, Health and Social, Industrial, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Transportation, Technology, Services, Retail, Entertainment and Recreation, Residential, and Real Estate can benefit from these solutions.

What are the add-ons and accessories available for shipping container offices?

Add-ons include Folding Tables & Chairs, High-Security Puck Lock, Plan Tables, Dry Erase Boards, Cork Boards, Exterior Security Solar Light, and Interior Rechargeable Light. Alternatively, combo office & storage units can be outfitted with Shelving Brackets & Pipe Racks for streamlined organization.

How can I find a location to rent or purchase shipping container offices?

You can find a location through the website's "Find a Location" section.

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