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Office-Storage Combo Containers For Sale or Rent

Mobile Modular Portable Storage offers portable office storage container units that combine the flexibility of storage and office space. Our office-storage combo units feature climate-controlled workspace and storage that can be modified into restrooms, workstations, or other on-site needs.

These portable office storage containers boast office-grade finishes, turnkey plumbing, storage space, and security features that you can rely on. The ISO-grade storage and office trailers provide easy access, meeting spaces for contractors, and storage areas for supplies and expensive equipment. The containers can also be stacked on top of each other to make larger office and storage combo spaces.

Our high-security units are the perfect office spaces and storage solutions for virtually any construction site or commercial project. If you move your job site, you can easily take the mobile office-storage container with you.

Office Storage Combo Container Dimensions

The ground-level office containers come in two dimensions:

  • 20-foot container: 8' W x 20' L x 8'6" H
  • 40-Foot Container: 8' W x 40' L x 8'6" H

For detailed interior and exterior dimensions of the office and storage spaces, please visit the product pages of 20- and 40-foot office container sizes.

Shipping Container Office and Storage Combo Features

  • Expand your existing property or use the container as a roof-top structure on existing buildings
  • Durable ISO-grade portable office storage containers withstand the rigors of construction and industrial sites
  • Made of steel, units are highly secure with lockable door handles and security bars on the windows
  • Optional installation of 6- or 8-foot roll-up doors for an additional cost
  • Lock boxes for sites with high-security needs at an additional cost
  • Durable flooring
  • Floors and ceilings have humidity- and moisture-resistant R-11 insulation
  • Durable 14-gauge all-steel construction
  • Phone and data access
  • Electrical fittings with air conditioning and 125 AMP breaker panel
  • Forklift pockets for easy movement
  • Shelves, pipe racks, and plan tables as optional accessories
  • Optional additional windows and custom floor space division to enhance the workspace
  • External GFCI receptacle(s)
  • Entrance light

Portable Storage and Office Container Applications

The office-storage combo container is an affordable, space-efficient solution for:

  • Modular or mobile offices, construction offices, or other commercial buildings
  • Restrooms
  • Break area or recreational spaces

Ground-level office and storage space units find use across a range of industries, including manufacturing, educational institutions, municipalities, hospitals, agriculture, government, retail, and more.

Benefits of Portable Office-Storage Containers

  • Lower price tag than traditional construction
  • Environmentally friendly building process and materials
  • Easily movable
  • Less time needed for procurement
  • Freedom to quickly expand the structure as needed
  • Flexibility to do what you need with storage and office space

At Mobile Modular Portable Storage, we discuss all the job specs and your office and storage space requirements right at the outset, so we can determine the right pricing for your business and budget. Our service personnel has years of customer service experience and makes the process seamless for you.

We have our own fleet of trucks, giving us maximum control over the delivery timeline and process. And unlike the usual 28-day industry-standard billing cycle, we offer a 30-day billing cycle. That gives you two extra days at zero additional cost.

We deliver office-storage combo containers across the US. To rent, lease, or buy storage container offices, call us at 866.456.7600 or fill out the contact form for a free quote today.

Container Offices and Storage Combo Units Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prepare the site for storage and office containers?

A basic site prep prior to container delivery is essential. The minimum requirement is to have the container location surface be completely flat. Office containers can be installed on asphalt, grass, gravel, earth, railroad ties, or concrete. You also need to consider the following factors before delivery:

  • Duration for which you need the office storage combo container on-site. A longer duration requires more site prep
  • Firm and smooth ground base
  • Susceptibility to flooding
  • Access road large enough for a semi-truck to reach your property

Your site will need a straight-line clearance of 60 feet for 20-foot containers and 100 feet for 40-foot containers, with a height clearance of 14 feet. Talk to us and we will select the right truck from our fleet to deliver your container hassle-free.

What is the rental cost of portable storage and office containers?

For standard 20- and 40-foot mobile office-storage containers, you can expect a monthly rental of anywhere between $300 to $1,000. There is an additional fee for the delivery of your container. The cost of renting a container office storage office combo will also depend on various factors, such as whether the unit is brand-new or used, size, availability, and modifications.

The main factor behind the pricing is whether it’s new or not. Brand-new containers are more expensive than used. New containers offer a balance between price and quality, but they may require a longer wait time.

Talk to our team at 866.459.7600 or fill out a quote form to learn about rental costs and container office-space plans.

What are the sizes of storage-office combo shipping containers?

The most common portable office-storage containers sizes available are the 20- and 40-foot solutions. The width and height remain the same for each at 8 feet and 8 feet 6 inches, respectively. During delivery, you need to ensure that at least twice the space is available on-site. For example, a 40-foot container may not fit in a 40-foot space, because you need more room to offload the container from the trailer.

Talk to our team to determine the right office-storage container size for your project.

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