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No time to shop for office furniture? We’ve got you covered! Our collection of office tables and chairs will have you up and running in no time. Or, accessorize your shipping containers with a plan table—ideal for construction superintendents, foremen, architects, and more!

Need shelving or pipe racks to store excess inventory? No problem! Our range of accessories and add-ons for shipping containers provide a turnkey solution to help you organize and secure your space for optimal efficiency and productivity, without the hassle of multiple vendors.

Explore Our Accessories, Add-Ons, & Parts for Storage Containers

Find the perfect solution of dry storage container accessories and parts to customize your modular workspace or portable combo unit.

High-Security HASP Lock

Protect your investment with an extra level of security. Made of steel for maximum strength and durability. Compatible with a hidden high-security puck lock. Available for all units.

High-Security Puck Lock

Safeguard what’s yours. Keyed-alike sets available when you need multiple locks at a single site and don’t want the hassle of multiple keys. Available for storage and combo units.

Shelving Brackets

For the organizers amongst us. Available with three (3) 1,100-lb. rated support arms. Space-saving alternative. Available for storage units; ask about combo solutions. Note: Only the shelving brackets included; shelf material supplied by the customer.

Folding Tables & Chairs

Get business done. Our sturdy folding table and chairs will complement your interior space and eliminate the hassle of ordering office furniture from other suppliers. Available for all units. Note that table and chair style will vary by region.

Plan Tables

Sturdy, economical solution for blueprint review. Used by construction superintendents, foremen, and architects. Surface includes a lip to ensure your plans remain on the table. Measurements: 6’8” W x 3’0” D x 3’1” H. Available for office and combo units. Note that plan table styles will vary by region.

Pipe Racks

Holds a variety of sizes of pipes. Available with four (4) solid steel support arms. Ideal for construction applications, allowing you to maximize storage efficiency. Facilitates full utilization of your portable storage container. Available for storage units; ask about combo solutions.

Give yourself peace of mind with our low cost Loss Damage Waiver. Ensure you are protected from loss and financial exposure if your container is damaged due to natural events such as flooding, fires, and tornadoes, as well as a third-party vehicle collision.

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Safety is always our top priority, so all our industry-best container equipment is maintained and delivered by our team of highly skilled drivers straight to your location.

Choose from a vast selection of high-quality, state-of-the-industry container parts and accessories, scrupulously maintained with your safety in mind.

We work with you from start to finish to find the right storage option and accessories to meet the complex requirements of your project.

Container delivery and pick up on your scheduled day - without exceptions

Get a custom quote in ONE business day. Our experts work with you to offer competitive prices, so you stay on budget and on time - every time.

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