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Conex Box Rentals – Turnkey Solution for all your Storage and Office Space Needs

If you need to rent steel storage containers, you are looking at the right container partner with quick deliveries and competitive rental plans.

Mobile Modular Portable Storage is your rental partner for all of your commercial space needs. We provide storage container solutions in industries like construction, industrial, petrochemical, healthcare, education, government, and more. Our selection of rental conex boxes includes portable storage containers, portable offices, office and storage combos, refrigerated containers, as well as open-sided and insulated containers.

Rent storage and office containers with fast response times and transparent pricing. Our dedicated sales specialists will partner with you to offer competitive prices, so you meet budgets and schedules – each time.

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It’s simple: When you choose Mobile Modular Portable Storage, you aren’t just a customer, you’re a partner. As an industry leader in portable storage solutions, we offer unparalleled service excellence. We work with you to find the best solutions for your projects at competitive prices that fit your budget.

Hesitant? Our Superhero team of dedicated delivery specialists and in-house sales specialists ensure we get to your site on time. Check out all our offerings here.

No matter how diverse the requirement, we can find the right conex box or storage container for you.

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Our Captain Customer video series provides a behind the scenes look into our daily operations. Raw and unscripted, these videos offer unique insights into what the job entails and what it is like to work with us. We didn't hire fancy actors – we used OUR Superheroes, our front line associates, who share their honest, authentic feelings about serving customers like you each day. Let us be your hero!

Our customer Superheroes are always on time, whether it’s for delivery, installation, or pick-up.


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We are a quick, easy, and affordable rental provider of mobile storage containers and ground level office containers. We serve business customers in major industries like manufacturing, construction, healthcare, schools, retail, and many more at various locations across the nation.
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Mobile Modular Portable Storage offers the highest quality commercial office containers and mobile storage containers for rent or purchase. With conex boxes that come in various sizes, we offer a lot of flexibility to store equipment, documents, furniture, inventory, and more. No matter how diverse the requirement, we can find the right conex box, shipping container, or ground level office container for you.
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Whether you need shipping containers regularly or you are seeking a temporary rental unit, Mobile Modular Portable Storage provides you with top-of-the-line new and used storage solutions at affordable price points. We offer the widest selection of storage containers, office containers, and combo units.

Conex Box Dimensions

Our conex boxes come in a variety of sizes. We offer storage shipping containers that come in standard 10 ft., 20 ft., 24 ft., and 40 ft. sizes. All models feature lockable door handles including a high-security lock option.

We make it simple for you to identify and rent the exact size and type of portable storage you need.

These portable storage containers can:

  • Help save on expensive warehouse costs
  • Safeguard expensive gear, supplies, and paperwork
  • Maximize productivity for on-time completion of projects

Customizations Available

Our solutions are fully customizable to suit your storage and space needs. We can equip them with shelves, pipe racks, and plan tables to save space and make your business operations more efficient.

How Much Do Shipping Containers Cost to Rent?

The cost of renting a conex box is a fraction of the cost of purchasing your own container. One of the main advantages of renting a steel shipping container is the money that it can save your business.

So how much does a shipping container cost, really? The answer depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the container, quality and condition, age, location, and if any modifications have been made. Learn everything you need to know about conex box rental pricing with our article on shipping container prices.

We make renting shipping containers easy with our online rental quote form.

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You can use our conex boxes and containers during disaster relief when you need emergency storage and structures on short notice.

Read our in-depth renter’s guide to help you figure out if portable storage containers are the right option for you. You can identify and rent the right size and type of portable storage container you need.

Don’t forget to check out our special offers for great savings on good-quality, used shipping containers. Check out our used shipping containers for sale that come in a variety of dimensions for immediate delivery at select locations.

We are a quick, easy, and affordable provider of rental storage containers and ground level office containers for commercial use.
We help you by discussing all the specs of the job right at the outset to arrive at the perfect pricing. And unlike the usual 28-day billing plan, you get a 30-day rental plan at no extra charge.
The benefits don't end there. At Mobile Modular Portable Storage, we command our own fleet of trucks and trailers. This means you can expect container delivery on your timeline when placing an order! We also have a team of highly skilled sales specialists in-house, meaning you don't have to deal with call centers for questions about our services or questions about site preparation, for instance.

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