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Why Rent Shipping Storage Containers?

Why Rent Shipping Storage Containers?

Shipping storage containers (also known as conex containers or intermodal containers) have a variety of industrial uses and applications today. Our containers are used for commercial storage and office space needs. They come in various sizes that include 10-foot, 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers.

Where are Shipping Storage Containers Used?

At Mobile Modular Portable Storage, we have seen conex boxes or shipping containers being used for a range of commercial functions.

For instance, manufacturing plants acquire containers temporarily through our shipping container rental options when they are running out of warehouse storage space and need a temporary safe enclosure to store goods. Similarly, construction firms pick from a large variety of shipping containers for rent. They use on-site storage containers as secure holding areas for unused material and tools. Shipping storage containers also find use for various industry types.

Other industries where our shipping container rental options can be applied include schools, retail, healthcare, agriculture, and more. Using shipping containers ensures that the goods placed inside are secure and free from exposure to the elements and potential damage.

Why Rent Shipping Containers?

If you need shipping containers for limited periods of time, renting is a cost-effective and safe alternative. There are some reasonable shipping container rental plans that you can select with Mobile Modular Portable Storage. Rental plans give you flexibility in planning and operations, without burdening you with the worry of having to store shipping containers safely and maintain them when not in use. We also offer sales plans for commercial ventures that need containers for continued usage over long durations.

When you rent a shipping container from Mobile Modular Portable Storage, you can be rest assured that the container looks great and is in optimal condition when you receive it so that you face no delays and can carry out your operations smoothly.

Why Mobile Modular Portable Storage?

Mobile Modular Portable Storage strives to foster a long-term relationship with clients based on consistent, exceptional service. We go above and beyond for our clients’ satisfaction.

  1. We ensure that we understand your exact needs before we suggest the appropriate container based on these requirements.
  2. Unlike a lot of our competitors who use a 28-day billing cycle, we use a 30-day billing cycle, giving our clients’ the benefit of two extra days to use the container.
  3. We own a fully-equipped fleet of trucks and trailers. This ensures there is no risk of uncertainty that a third party would bring to the delivery process. This means containers are delivered on time and in exactly the same condition as when they leave our premises. You get exactly what you ordered and according to your schedule.

If you want high-quality shipping containers for rent or to buy outright for any commercial needs, request a quote today. If you have further questions about our containers, you can call us at 866-459-7600.

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