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Frequently Asked Questions

Request a Quote

How quickly will I receive my quotation information?

In virtually all cases a sales specialist will contact you within one (1) hour of our receipt of your request, during normal business hours.

What are the rates on a rental or sale?

Please request a quote online or call (866) 459-7600 and speak with one (1) of our sales specialists.

Payment Terms

What is your billing cycle?

Mobile Modular Portable Storage bills on a 30-day billing cycle. Because Mobile Modular Portable Storage bills on a 30-day billing cycle while many other providers use a 28-day billing cycle you can save over 7% on your monthly rental Mobile Modular Portable Storage.

What are the upfront rates to receive a portable storage container?

Mobile Modular collects delivery and pick-up charge, and the first month’s rent on the initial invoice.

Delivery / Return / Relocation

How quickly can I get a portable storage container delivered?

Delivery is typically within one (1) business day from receipt of order.

How much space is required for delivery?

Containers are delivered on a tilt bed truck. The driver tilts the bed up, and the container touches the ground. The driver then drives out from under the container. The delivery site needs to allow for 14’ of overhead clearance to accommodate the container on top of the tilt bed trailer. To get out from under the container, the driver needs at least the length of the container and the tilt bed truck, in a straight line. This can be up to 100 feet with a 40’ container. The loaded tilt bed truck requires 12-foot wide clearance. When we arrange delivery of your container, we will ask you what direction the cargo or other doors should face on your site so that we may load it accordingly onto our tilt bed truck.

What preparations will I need to make to my site before receiving my portable storage container?

Containers are suitable to be placed directly on the ground as long as there is sufficient drainage and the site is level. If a container is not level, the doors will be difficult to operate. If your desired location is not level, we can provide a few wooden blocks, and the driver will attempt to make the unit as level as possible.

What if I want to have my portable storage container moved after the initial installation?

Whether on site or between cities, Mobile Modular Portable Storage will arrange for relocation of your portable storage container. Please contact your local Mobile Modular office at (866) 459-7600 to make arrangements.

How much notice should I provide before requesting to have my portable storage container returned?

Please contact our operations department at (866) 459-7600 to schedule a pick up. Although we will do everything possible to pick up your container as soon as possible, depending on scheduling, a pick up may take up to ten (10) business days to complete, so please plan accordingly.


What if I experience a problem with my rented portable storage container?

Mobile Modular Portable Storage has an in-house field service team. If you should experience a problem with your portable storage container, simply call us at (866) 459-7600 or email us. We will respond to your request promptly and work to complete the repairs as soon as possible.

Building Codes / Local Approval

Are there insurance requirements associated with renting a portable storage container?

Mobile Modular Portable Storage requires customers to provide proof of insurance when renting portable storage containers. Customers who are unable to provide an insurance certificate may be eligible to purchase a waiver for a monthly fee. Contact your Sales Representative for details.

Is a permit required to place a portable storage container on your property?

Each city or county has their own regulations on the placement and use of containers in their jurisdictional areas. If you are uncertain about these requirements, it is recommended that you contact your local municipal authority for information. From experience, most cities and counties do not require a permit. It is the customer’s responsibility to investigate and arrange for any required permits or fees associated with the placement of the container.

Portable Storage Container FAQ

What are storage containers made of?

Most standard storage containers are available for rent are made of corten steel. Also known as weathering steel, this material possesses physical properties that make it weldable and rust resistant. This material is a popular option for meeting moving and storage needs.

Are storage containers waterproof?

A standard storage company will rent storage containers made of steel, able to withstand drastic temperature variations. Still, steel is not entirely waterproof, making it susceptible to corrosion. Fortunately, there are ways for customers to prevent this process from taking place. They include using an anti-corrosion coating, performing routine maintenance, keeping them in areas away from condensation and installing a rubber door to prevent any moisture from entering the shipping container. This will help secure the shipping container for long-term use.

How can I care for my portable storage container?

Whether customers are using mobile units for storage while moving into a new home, in need or extra room, office space or other commercial purposes, there is a range of factors that will help a storage or shipping container remain in good shape.

Store your portable storage container somewhere dry to minimize its contact with water. Our team of skilled mechanics continuously maintain our equipment, including keeping it freshly painted to protect against rust and make sure to address any damage the storage unit may have sustained.

Should I invest in a new or used portable storage container?

If you need to rent container storage for a period of three years or more, you might want to entertain purchase options instead. Buying a storage container also makes sense for when you need to make alterations to the structure of the container in order to better suit a specific purpose or process. Renting a storage container is a more sensible delivery choice for those looking to fulfill short-term needs.

What should I keep in mind when purchasing a used storage container for rent?

Used storage and shipping containers might be weathered or damaged in ways that will severely impact their lifespan. A one trip or single haul container rental will be in the best condition. These containers are almost new, having been used just once. Slightly used containers, also known as “as is” containers, tend to be in good shape, but have likely sustained some wear and tear.

In what instance should a storage container not be reused?

There is a category of containers known as “dangerous goods.” This kind of container storage has been used to transport hazardous chemicals or waste materials in the past, meaning they aren’t ideal to repurpose. If they are, it’s best for this kind of container rental to be used for the same purpose as in the past.

How long can storage containers last?

A container for storage can be used as a long-term option, lasting anywhere from 10 to 25 years without much maintenance. When well-cared for, some experts suggest the delivery can last up to 50 years.

What other features are found on portable containers?

A storage container is manufactured to contain a number of unique features. From sea containers to high cube storage units, or even the double-door, a conex container can include a variety of features.

These may include: corner castings, corner posts, roof panels, twist locks, CSC plates, floor beams, cargo doors, cross members and more. You can opt to include additional elements like doors located on the front end or sides of your container rental, ramps, shelving, windows and more. Conex containers with extra features will be available for additional costs. Mobile Modular Portable Storage also provides multiple materials for floors, including Marine Plywood or Timber Plants.

How much weight can a storage container hold?

Different shipping container dimensions are equipped to hold different amounts of weight. The average weight of a 20ft shipping container is nearly 4,980 lbs. and can carry a maximum payload of 24 tons. The average weight of 24ft containers for storage is nearly 5,840 lbs. and can carry a maximum payload of 24.21 tons. The average weight of a 40-feet container rental is nearly 8,550 lbs. and can carry a maximum payload of 29 tons.

How should I prepare my site for storage container delivery?

Certain conditions require more preparation for the delivery of your storage container unit. Shipping containers used as storage units should not be placed on locations of ice, snow or soft ground. Your conex container may be placed directly on the ground if the location site is leveled and has a draining facility. If the site for delivery is not level, you will need to rely on wooden blocks to correct the leveling before delivery. Customers may also need to locate cement slabs or railroad ties before delivery to support the storage container.

Something else to consider is that trucks may need a certain amount of height and width clearance for delivery, depending on the size of your storage container. Mobile Modular Portable Storage is available to assist you in advance of shipping and delivery to ensure that the site is properly prepped for your storage container and for the driver.

Do I need to obtain a permit before placing a storage container on my property?

Storage containers for rent may require a permit prior to delivery, depending on your location. Separate storage container zoning laws may also apply. You can find out what rules apply to your area by contacting your local municipal authority.

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