Industry Applications


A Mobile Modular Portable Storage unit is a perfect solution for temporary storage of valuable tools and materials at the work site. We can help you to organize your workspace with some of our space saving accessories

Need office space? Mobile Modular can provide high-security ground level offices. These offices feature an HVAC unit, lights and pre-stubbed phone and data lines for your convenience. Need some other items to make your office space more useful? We can also provide plan tables, desks, chairs and mini-blinds.

In those cases where you need both storage and office space, Mobile Modular’s high security office and storage combination units are a perfect fit.


Looking for extra space to store items and don’t want to leave or can’t leave your current location? A Portable Storage unit from Mobile Modular is the perfect solution to expand your storage capacity without having to move. These Portable Storage units can be equipped with shelves to make finding your items quick and easy.


Going through a remodel? As soon as one face-lift ends, the next one begins, so storing all of your furniture in a convenient and accessible location is a must. That makes a portable storage unit from Mobile Modular a perfect choice. In and out of the unit frequently and constantly tripping over the threshold? Ask about our toe ramp that makes using dollies or hand carrying items into the Portable Storage unit a snap.


Never seem to have enough space for storage? Has the old storeroom been converted into a sales office because the business has grown, but you’re not quite ready for the move to a bigger place?

A Portable Storage unit from Mobile Modular can be the perfect solution to your facility storage needs. Our storage solutions can be placed in convenient locations around your building, and the professional appearance of our units won’t detract from the image you want your business to project.