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Kreate Events

Mobile Modular Portable Storage Boosts Event Storage for Kreate Events


Project Partners: Kreate Events

Units Used: 6 Storage Containers

Time: 1-month lease for set-up and teardown

Location: Miami Gardens, FL

Total Square Footage: (2) 160 sq.ft. & (4) 320 sq.ft.

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Mobile Modular Portable Storage partners with Kreate Events to provide essential storage solutions for football game preparations at Hard Rock Stadium


As the anticipation for the grand football game at the Hard Rock Stadium grew, so did the logistical challenges. Kreate Events, renowned for its meticulous event management, found itself facing a crucial need: ample and secure storage space for the extensive equipment required to transform and set up multiple venues surrounding the stadium.

The Challenge

With various equipment ranging from AV systems, seating arrangements, lighting, and more, Kreate Events had to ensure everything was stored safely, accessible, and protected from any external elements. This was vital not just for the setup but also for the subsequent teardown, ensuring the whole event went off seamlessly from start to finish.

The Solution

Understanding the dynamic needs of such a vast event, Mobile Modular Portable Storage stepped in with a tailored solution. They offered Kreate Events a combination of containers: four spacious 8’x40’ units and two compact yet functional 8’x20’ units. This arrangement ensured the equipment was categorized appropriately for easy access, facilitating smoother operations during the event setup and teardown phases.

These containers were leased for a duration of one month, providing Kreate Events with the flexibility to manage their setup timelines without stress.


The partnership between Kreate Events and Mobile Modular Portable Storage proved to be a game-changer. The storage containers ensured that the equipment was not only stored securely but was also easily accessible for the event's crew. This efficient storage solution played a pivotal role in the successful setup, execution, and teardown of the venues, making the grand football game a memorable experience for all attendees.

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Customer Name: Kreate Events

Project Location

Project Location: Miami Gardens, FL

Building Type

Storage Needs Addressed: Streamlined equipment storage for rapid venue setup and teardown

New or Used

Unique Feature: Combination of different container sizes for categorized storage

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