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Precise Container Delivery for Home Remodel Storage


Project Partners: Homeowner (Client)

Unit Used: 20’ Storage Container

Time: 6 months

Location: Covina, CA

Total Square Footage: (1) 160 sq. ft.

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Ensuring Secure Storage for Home Remodeling Supplies in a Challenging Location


A homeowner facing the upheaval of a significant home remodel required a straightforward yet critical element to aid in their project: a six-month rental of a storage container. The unit needed to meet specific size and functional requirements, coupled with the added challenge of being delivered to a particularly difficult location—a narrow, challenging alleyway that posed a significant test for even the most experienced professionals.

The Challenge

The project was marked by high expectations for a successful delivery, presenting a significant challenge for the delivery team. The homeowner sought a level of precision in delivery that was ambitious given the tight confines of the alleyway. This endeavor was crucial not only in meeting the client's specific needs but also in upholding Mobile Modular Portable Storage's own standards of excellence and capability in navigating challenging physical delivery sites.

Our Solutions

Rising to the occasion, a driver was selected, whose expertise in tight-space deliveries was well known. With a calm demeanor and precise movements, the driver maneuvered the container into the alleyway, executing a flawless delivery that mirrored the precision of a well-rehearsed performance. The homeowner's subsequent praise was not just a nod to the driver's skill but a recognition of Mobile Modular Portable Storage's dedication to meeting high-stakes challenges with unmatched professionalism.

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Customer Name: Homeowner

Project Location

Project Location: Covina, CA

Building Type

Storage & Office Space Needs Addressed: Secure and accessible storage solution for home remodel project materials

New or Used

Unique Feature: Modular, adaptable storage space

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