How To Rebuild Your Business After A Natural Disaster


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After the destruction caused in 2017 by hurricanes Harvey in August and Irma in September, several communities and businesses are still working to recover from the effects of the natural disaster. The damage caused by Harvey in Houston was estimated to be between $150 and $180 billion. Apart from homes, the storms inflicted significant damage to commercial properties and small businesses as well.

Considering the intensity of recent hurricanes, one can only imagine how long it will take to recover and rebuild from such devastating natural disasters. While communities and public infrastructures like roads and bridges sustained varying levels of flooding and damage, numerous businesses came to a complete standstill, and a common question was being asked by business owners of all sizes…

How can I rebuild my business after a natural disaster?

The whole idea of having to rebuild your business from scratch can be very daunting. But if you hang in there and take it step by step, recovery will become less intimidating. Focus on items that need your immediate attention and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Here are some helpful ways to begin with disaster recovery for your business:

1. Assess your losses. If you’ve already done a risk assessment, you can begin to crosscheck and assess what you have lost and how much you can recover.

2. Arrange for emergency storage containers. Considering the likelihood of theft even after the hurricane has passed, your next step should be to move all your non-perishable valuables into a secure space until you can figure out what to do with them. You can rent disaster relief shipping containers that can be delivered to you quickly. Cargo containers offered by Mobile Modular Portable Storage are an affordable storage rental option during disasters and emergencies that don’t need a major investment, and are more affordable than trying to range additional warehouse space.

3. Claim your business insurance. Once valuable equipment and material are stored in a secure space, it is time to file insurance claims. The sooner you get this done, the sooner you will get a response, and the closer you will be to getting your compensation.

4. Contact a disaster recovery service. Even if it may seem like you can do it yourself, often it is better to hire professional help after a major natural disaster. Disaster relief professionals are well trained and know how to go about recovering your assets safely. They can also help you avoid further complications.

5. Apply for a loan. The Small Business Administration is giving low-interest disaster loans to business affected by Harvey. Contact them and get the process started as soon as you can. The Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan is available to small business owners who have suffered losses from Irma. It is a short-term interest-free loan for up to $50 thousand and covers businesses from all 67 counties in Florida.

These are basic but important steps to help get your business back on track. You might feel overwhelmed by the journey ahead, but the best way to make progress is to take one step at a time towards bringing your business back to normalcy.








Looking to know more about how emergency storage containers help business recovery?

Emergency storage containers are probably the fastest storage option for your business when disaster strikes.

Shipping containers provide a dry, safe place for your valuables while you repair and renovate your office, shop, or business. Disaster relief storage containers can be acquired when you need storage space real quick, and they are also an affordable option compared to alternatives. With high-security shipping containers available for disaster relief, your valuable equipment, and other material are safe from theft and vandalism while you are rebuilding.

Business recovery is no easy task, and we will do our bit to help you get back on track with our portable storage container rental solutions. You can request a quote to have shipping containers delivered to your location as soon as possible with our own in-house fleet of trucks.

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