Spring Cleaning With Shipping Containers


Spring Cleaning Shipping Containers

Spring cleaning time is here! It's time to clean and organize your workspace. It's good to take a moment, step back, and look at your business with a renewed perspective to find opportunities to increase efficiency and prepare for the future.

Spring cleaning for any business might be a difficult task. Where do you put all that stuff while reorganizing your office, school, or health care center?

Shipping containers are the go-to solution for spring cleaning portable storage.

Declutter your business with shipping containers

First impressions matter. When customers walk into your business, they want to feel good about the space. Studies have shown that women take approximately nine seconds to decide if your business is inviting enough to enter. For men, the average is about 13 seconds. Avoid cluttering up your business and making customers feel unwelcomed while spring cleaning by storing your stuff in a portable storage container. 

Shipping containers make ideal portable storage for spring cleaning because they are mobile and secure. Set up shipping containers near your business for the duration of your spring cleaning project without worrying about burglary or damage.

Tips to help you organize your storage container

1. Label and number boxes. Out of sight, out of mind. That applies to boxes, too! Remember that it’s easy to forget what is stored in each of your boxes, so it’s useful to keep track of what goes in each box. Number each box and fill out an excel spreadsheet, listing everything in that box. Then as you finish up your spring cleaning, it will be easy to figure out what you want to keep and what you can get rid of without having to go through all your boxes.

2. Make the most of storage space. Additional shelving is available for each shipping container. Utilize shelving to store files, paperwork, and small devices. If your business is storing furniture like bookshelves or a chest of drawers, then use the shelves and drawers for storage as well.

3. Map your items. When you’re using portable storage for spring cleaning, create a map of where important equipment or files are located inside the container, so that nothing gets lost and you can access items quickly.

Make your spring cleaning project easy to handle with our shipping containers. Mobile Modular Portable Storage provides high-quality shipping containers for sale. Our containers can be quickly customized with shelving to meet your unique storage needs.

If you need to rent a container, we offer portable storage containers on a 30-day billing cycle instead of the usual 28-day rental cycle. This means you get an additional two days of use! Our containers come to you without delays, thanks to reliable deliveries by our fleet of trucks and trailers. To know more, request a quote today.



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