Storage Containers For The Petrochemical Industry


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Storage Containers for Petrochemical Industry

Oilfields are located in some of the most barren and extreme climates in the world. In the United States, Texas, California, Colorado, Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico top the list. Oilfield locations commonly face hurricanes, freezing temperatures, or scorching sun and need robust, reliable structures for a variety of functions.


Conex containers have been used for storage and a range of other applications by several industries, including the petrochemical industry. They are built for extreme weather conditions, which makes them durable and fit for the harshest climates.

Multi-Purpose Offices and Conference Spaces in the Petrochemical Industry

These containers are a great way to create a relocatable, on-site office space. They are easily fitted with basic utilities to make them functional spaces for offices as well as conferences, break rooms and debriefing rooms. Using these containers as offices or conference spaces will ensure that there is a secure, safe space to store important documents and other supplies. When space has served its purpose, you can move it by truck or trailer to the new location.

Cafeterias. These containers come in various sizes, and larger ones are ideal for on-site cafeterias and lunchrooms. Cafeteria-style tables and chairs can be added according to the way you want the container customized. Cafeterias and lunch rooms will give workers an opportunity to eat in a clean space where chemicals and other pollutants will not contaminate their food, as well as allow them to sit in an area away from their work, which will prevent food from being left on site.

Storage Areas. A lot of expensive equipment needs to be stored away for the night or for a long period of time if they are no longer needed. Petrochemical portable storage containers provide a secure space for these items. Extra security features and locks can be added to the containers for increased safety measures.


Laundry Rooms. When your workforce stays on-site, you should provide them with amenities that give them a more comfortable living space. A laundry room is a basic space that allows your employees to do their laundry in a safe environment and ensure that their clothes are not exposed to dust and pollution often found at petrochemical sites.

First Aid Houses. Emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime. It’s essential to have an on-site first aid house that is secure and protected from the elements. These containers can be easily equipped with basic medical care equipment and can make a comfortable first-aid space. This is an important step toward promoting employee health and ensuring that safety precautions are being used.

Recreational Areas. In a remote oilfield, employees may find it difficult to travel for recreation or entertainment. These containers can be set up as recreational areas with basic electric equipment, internet access, and great furniture to give employees a source of entertainment when they are not working. This will help ensure that employees have a place to go to take a break and return refreshed and ready to work.

These containers come in a range of standard sizes that can be transported and even stacked on top of each other. Containers come in 10 ft, 20 ft and 40 ft sizes. The 40 ft sizes are ideal for bigger items with less weight, and the 20 ft containers are great for storing heavier or denser items that may be smaller.

At Mobile Modular Portable Storage, we have a varied client profile. We provide containers for rent or sale, so if your needs are short-term, you can still get all the benefits without having to make a long-term investment. Our rental period is 30 days, which is two days longer than the average 28-day period.

In addition to our reasonable rates, we offer hassle-free, quick deliveries thanks to our dedicated drivers, fleet of trucks and trailers.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can offer portable storage containers for your site, contact us or request a quote today.

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