Shipping Container Camping - A New Way to Explore the Great Outdoors


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Shipping Container Camping

The 2021 North American Camping Report recently revealed a few interesting facts about campers' sentiments and behavior. For instance, over 86 million U.S. households consider themselves campers.  In 2020, about 48 million people took at least one camping trip. That’s about six million more trips than reported the year before!

Campers also seem increasingly interested in exploring new ways to camp, like glamping or RV excursions. Shipping container camping also made the cut, helping provide the camping industry with a functional, safe, and aesthetic alternative.


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Below, we’ll explore what it’s really like to spend time at a campsite made entirely from cargo containers.

luxurious shipping container camping site

Why Are Shipping Container Cabins Becoming So Popular?

Why shipping container campers? What do they offer beyond aesthetics? How are these units better than conventional tents? Check out the five factors below to find out.


Rain can really interfere with your camping plans. While traditional tents aren’t able to withstand certain types of weather changes, shipping containers are constructed with high-strength Corten steel, meaning they are completely weatherproof. These units will help keep safe, comfortable, and dry during instances of inclement weather.

Easy to Customize

It's rare to find a tent customized to your needs, but the modular nature of shipping containers makes them easy to modify. You can add double doors, additional outlets, and even install a fully-functional kitchen. They’re also big enough to house all the amenities you may need during your trip.


Building a brick-and-mortar structure or a wooden cabin can be expensive and labor-intensive. Shipping containers come pre-built and are available for just a fraction of the cost.


Sure, tents are foldable and easy to carry, but shipping containers are also quite portable. They come equipped with forklift pockets allowing you to lift your container camp and place it anywhere you want. You can also attach dolly wheels to move the unit with a truck.

If the idea of using a shipping container to explore different areas of the world excites you, be sure to read up on shipping container houseboats on our blog.

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Best Sites for Container Camping

Shipping container camping is becoming an increasingly popular pastime. However, not all sites are equipped to handle such robust units. Additionally, not everyone has access to a container of their own. Listed below are a few popular container campsites for you to rent out and can enjoy the great outdoors.

Container Cabin in the Catskills

Located in Saugerties, New York, this container cabin is sure to change your idea of camping all together. The owners have converted a 20-foot shipping container with high-efficiency insulated walls, low-energy windows and added a queen-size bed with organic percale linens.

Container Cabin in the Catskills
Source: Airbnb

Even if it rains or the temperature starts to drop, you can always move inside to enjoy the insulated interior. During the summer, you can prop the double doors open, relax around the patio, and enjoy a cook-out on the grill.

The property is available on Airbnb, starting at $211+/ night.


Other Container Cabin in the Catskills


Unlike the name suggest, this container cabin is a big hit among camping enthusiasts. The structure features a full-sized queen bed, a hammock, a fire pit, a microwave, and a vinyl record player! The Flophouze is priced at $198+/night.



If you really fall in love with the experience, you can even invest in a camping container of your own. The company offers custom-built container cabins for sale and can ship to all areas of the world.


Flophouze interior

King County Camping

With the beautiful Snoqualmie River as your backdrop, the King County campsite offers an ideal retreat for nature lovers. Besides yurts, RVs, and tents,  King County also offers cargo container camping. Though this area may be reserved for adrenaline junkies, only. You’ll have to cross a 500-foot suspension bridge to reach the campsite.

The tiny house at King County camping site  features eco-friendly and sustainable materials throughout its design. With a double bunk bed and a cot-size bed, the room can easily accommodate four adults. A table, bench, and shelf are also available to house additional supplies.

Considering its popularity, it's hard to find a booking at the last minute. You'll have to make a reservation at least seven days in advance on the King County website.

King County Camping
Source: Parent Map

RVs Vs. Shipping Container Campers

RVs are another popular option among camping enthusiasts. According to the Annual North American Camping Report, about 13 million people went camping in an RV during 2020. These units are easy to move and can house all the amenities you may need during a camping excursion.

That said, there is one major drawback, and it revolves around price and pollution. For instance, a 40-foot class A camper consumes about 29 liters of gas per 100 km. That’s about $90 for traveling alone. If you're using the equipment inside, you’ll be burning even more gas.

RVs aren’t very environmentally-friendly, either. If you're traveling to an eco-sensitive zone, exhaust gas and noise from the RV can disturb nearby wildlife. Recycled shipping containers provide much greener alternatives.

RV camping


Glamorous camping or 'glamping' has become somewhat of a buzzword as of late. It refers to a camping experience that combines the serenity of nature with a resort-style experience. Shipping container cabin units provide the perfect way to achieve this experience.

With heating and air-conditioning units, luxury beds, furniture, showers, and fully-functional kitchens, shipping containers can provide you all the comforts of home while out in nature.

Of course, these units aren’t quite as easy to move as an RV. If you’re looking to camp in a remote territory, you may have to make other arrangements.


Shipping containers provide amazing opportunities for camping vacations.  These units can exist as a separate building, located adjacent to your campsite with all the amenities you’ll need during your camping excursion. Rain or shine, you’ll be sure to enjoy your time in the great outdoors.

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How Do You Turn a Shipping Container Into a Cabin?

Shipping containers are easy to modify. You can change the flooring, add doors and windows, install electric and plumbing lines, and insulate the container to make a cabin suitable for camping.

How Do You Insulate a Shipping Container?

Spray foam insulation and paneling are the two most effective methods to insulate a shipping container. First, you must install appropriate framing to hold the insulation panels. Next, you can fix the spray foam insulation using an appropriate joining process like riveting.

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