May 10, 2016

Shipping Container Warehouse - The Flexible Inventory Management Solution

shipping container warehouse

In need of a warehouse, but don't want to break the bank? A shipping container warehouse might be the answer!  Container warehouses can be particularly useful for the E-commerce industry, as online retail sales continue to skyrocket.

E-commerce sales grew by 32.4 percent in 2020 and hit $791.70 billion in revenue. The rising demand for goods fuels the need for cost-effective and available storage. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to capitalize on the increasing demand due to the lack of storage space for inventory.

Regular storehouses are pretty expensive and have a considerable turnaround time that causes retailers to lose precious business.
Renting shipping containers as warehouse space can help increase your storage space during business expansions or busy seasons.
It’s also a way to cater to changing consumer habits and inventory volumes without spending the kind of money traditional warehouses demand.

If your business needs long-term storage spaces for anything from car storage to consumer goods, these are ideal for building an entire warehouse. Let us look at some more advantages warehouses can provide.

Advantages of Using a Shipping Container as a Warehouse Storage


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A used 40-foot container costs about 50% of what you would pay for a permanent building of a similar size. It provides more than 300 square feet of floor space

Besides, you save on all the time and effort that the construction takes. Brick-and-mortar spaces also require higher maintenance, which can further escalate the cost of building a larger stockroom or warehousing area.

You can also stack shipping containers at sites with limited space. This will give you more room for the same cost.


Highly Durable

Shipping containers have a strong steel body. Manufacturers design them to carry cargo and withstand very rough conditions at sea.
A shipping container can withstand extreme weather. Not only can they help protect your goods from wear and tear, but their robust construction also provides security from tampering and break-ins.

Incredibly Convenient

The build and size of shipping containers make them an ideal choice for efficient warehousing. You can easily attach ladders and stairs when they are stacked to conveniently access your inventory.
You can store essential documents, materials, machinery, and various other items inside your container warehouse near your office or at the project site, as they are secure. This can reduce the time for transportation and increase the productivity of your company.

Easy to Customize

Depending on your unique storage needs, you can customize the layout of your container. You can also stack them, modify the interiors, and attach shelves for more storage space. Shipping containers can have front-open doors and windows that ensure adequate lighting.

If you intend to store perishable goods, you must add appropriate ventilation and climate control. You can also add shelving and drywall for storing important documents. Look for containers that come with lighting, air-conditioning, and heating connections.

Note: Containers for rent allow only minimal customization. Buy shipping containers to customize them for long-term storage needs.


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Short Turnaround Time

Constructing a permanent office can cause significant disruptions to your warehouse operations. On the other hand, you can quickly install a container office on a level surface anywhere at your site. Workspaces made out of these storage options are ready for use within hours of installation.

Relocation is Simple

portable storage containers.jpg

You can move this refurbished shipping container to wherever you need it the most. For instance, if you need to transport your finished products quickly, you could park the unit at the loading station. For storing materials you need for production, you can keep it near the manufacturing unit.

Handling a shipping container is also relatively easy as you can lift the container with a forklift.


Efficient in Square-footage

What good is storage in a warehouse if you can't make the most of the square footage? You can use stacked storage containers to get more space inside a larger warehouse or place one in your parking lot.

Provides a Comfortable Work Environment

You can buy shipping container offices that you can use in larger warehouses. That means you can have an office on-site with HVAC for ideal temperatures. Your vendor may also have these with large windows and doors to let you observe warehouse operations.

Serves Many Purposes

If your existing storage has limited office space, our container combo unit can function both as storage and office. After purchase, you can modify the container walls, interiors, and ventilation systems according to your needs.
You can place your shipping container office inside your warehouse to let your customers and visitors observe your company's operations. It can also function as a meeting space with your team and business partners.


Shipping containers can function as the ideal warehouse and help you increase storage space. The low cost, quick installation, and customization help you get the space you need and make the most of growing customer demands and changing market trends.



How Much Space is in a Shipping Container?

The space varies with the container's dimensions. A 20-feet shipping container can provide 160 square feet, while 40 feet shipping containers offer more than 300 sq. feet. Talk to us to find the right fit for your project.

What are the Common Sizes of Shipping Containers?

The most common container sizes are - 10 feet containers, 20 feet containers, and 40-foot containers. You could also check for a variety of sizes, like large, 53-foot-long containers and high-cube containers.

Do You Need Permission to Put a Container on Your Site?

Since containers are special structures, some zones and locations do not allow them, while others do if you meet certain guidelines. Check with local municipal or county authorities for the regulations you need to meet to bring containers to your site.

How Can You Move a Shipping Container to Your Site?

Shipping containers have grooves that allow operators to carry them with forklifts. Your container provider can help you ship the container on a truck with loading and unloading as needed. Call us at 866-459-7600 for assistance.

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