Storage Containers in Las Vegas: Portable Storage Solutions for Rent


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Choosing the right storage container at a custom price can be a challenge. However, if you are in Las Vegas and are looking for storage, an office, or a combo container, we have a solution for you.

Post pandemic, Las Vegas stands ready to see the rise in its economy and a continued demand for portable storage containers. Shipping containers are preferred storage solutions because of their reliability, versatility, and sturdiness. In addition, they are eco-friendly, customizable, and easy to move.

To fulfill the demand for portable storage containers in Las Vegas, we at Mobile Modular Portable Storage, offer a range of container products that cater to specific needs. Call us at 866-459-7600 to learn more.

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Storage Container Solutions in Las Vegas

Mobile Modular Portable Storage offers shipping containers that you can use as storage, an office, or a combination of both.

We provide office containers pre-fitted with HVAC, doors, windows, lighting, insulation, durable flooring, and electrical outlets. In addition, you can choose from additional accessories such as shelving brackets, pipe racks, and plan tables.

Types of Storage Containers We Offer

ISO-grade steel shipping containers provide a secure and temporary storage solution in construction, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, agriculture, automotive, and more.


Let’s take a look at the storage containers we offer.

  • Portable storage – Keep your documents and expensive equipment safe in our portable storage containers with high-security HASP locks and shackle puck locks. You can easily lift and move the storage container units using a forklift and safely stack them. You can also opt for insulated container options.
  • Portable office – Rent a temporary office space for your job site without compromising comfort, safety, and durability. You can customize our high-security portable office units with HVAC, lights, electrical outlets, doors and windows, plywood walls, insulation, and security features.
  • Office and storage combo – Have the flexibility to combine an office and a storage space in the same container. You can have climate-controlled workspace and storage options that you can also modify as a restroom, workstation, or recreation room. Our office and storage combo units have office-grade finishing, storage, and security features.

Here is a brief guide on the standard sizes we have in our inventory:

Portable storage

8' x 10"

  • Exterior dimensions: 10'0" L x 8'0" W x 8'6" H
  • Interior dimensions: 9'4" L x 7'8" W x 7'10" H

8' x 20"

  • Exterior dimensions: 20'0" L x 8'0" W x 8'6" H
  • Interior dimensions: 19'4" L x 7'8" W x 7'10" H

8' x 24"

  • Exterior dimensions: 24'0" L x 8'0" W x 8'6" H
  • Interior dimensions: 23'5" L x 7'8" W x 7'10" H

8' x 40"

  • Exterior dimensions: 40'0" L x 8'0" W x 8'6" H
  • Interior dimensions: 39'9" L x 7'8" W x 7'10" H

8' x 40" DD

  • Exterior dimensions: 40'0" L x 8'0" W x 8'6" H
  • Interior dimensions: 39'9" L x 7'8" W x 7'10" H

Portable office

8' x 10"

  • Exterior dimensions: 10'0" L x 8'0" W x 8'6" H
  • Interior dimensions: 8'6" L x 7'4" W x 7'6" H

8' x 20"

  • Exterior dimensions: 20'0" L x 8'0" W x 8'6" H
  • Interior dimensions: 18'6" L x 7'4" W x 7'6" H

8' x 40"

  • Exterior dimensions: 24'0" L x 8'0" W x 8'6" H
  • Interior dimensions: 38'4" L x 7'4" W x 7'6" H

Portable office and storage combo

8' x 20"

  • Exterior dimensions: 20'0" L x 8'0" W x 8'6" H
  • Office dimensions: 10'5 1/2" L x 7'4" W x 7'6" H
  • Storage dimensions: 8'6" L x 7'8" W x 7'9" H

8' x 40"

  • Exterior dimensions: 40'0" L x 8'0" W x 8'6" H
  • Office dimensions: 14'9" L x 7'4" W x 7'6" H
  • Storage dimensions: 23'7" L x 7'8" W x 7'9" H

Refer to our dimensions specification sheet for all sizes, optional accessories, and features of each option.

How We Helped Our Client Set-Up a Shipping Container Office in Las Vegas

A customer based in Las Vegas partnered with Mobile Modular Portable Storage to customize a 40’ storage container with a small in-built office (also called “Ground Level Office”).

We retrofitted the unit with a small HVAC system and laminated the floors for aesthetics and ease of maintenance.

We delivered this custom solution within two weeks after finalizing the order with the customer.

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Speak to us for more information about our projects and how we can help your business grow.

Who Can Use Containers in Las Vegas?

Here are some of the industry-specific applications of storage containers that will benefit businesses in Las Vegas:

  • Gaming, tourism, and conventions - With a product as diverse as a shipping container, you can use them far and wide in the tourism and gaming industry of Las Vegas. Use them as cafes, restaurants, food trucks, bistros, small theaters, art galleries, studios and shopping malls, fancy bars..
  • Finance and banking - Thanks to the amount of tourism it receives, there’s a lot of fast-moving money in Las Vegas. Use a shipping container as a pop-up bank or as an ATM.
  • On-site construction - Las Vegas relies heavily on its entertainment and hospitality industry, which requires big construction projects. The construction industry is set to grow 13% as the projects pick up speed, post-pandemic. You can use shipping containers on a construction site to store valuable documents and expensive tools or use them as a temporary office, guest room, and recreational room.
  • Industrial manufacturing - Las Vegas has some of the top manufacturing brands in the US, including automobiles, consumer products, food and beverages, chemicals, electrical products, and electronics. If your office is undergoing expansion, you can use a shipping container as a temporary office or storage facility. It blends in perfectly with your existing campus.
  • Retail - According to the National Retail Federation, Las Vegas creates 27% of the jobs in the retail sector, including food and drinks. Use a shipping container to expand your bar, restaurant, cafe, or art gallery quickly without waiting for the concrete construction to complete. Shipping container units look stylish, and you can customize them in attractive styles. If you have to shift your retail outlet to another location, you can do that quickly with minimal relocation expenses.
  • Healthcare - Disaster can strike anytime and anywhere. The healthcare industry can use shipping container units as temporary first-aid centers, patient admittance checkpoints, or storing medical supplies across Las Vegas.

Additionally, there are other innovative ways to use shipping containers such as affordable housing, garages, workshops, vacation homes, laboratories, and student housing.

Storage Containers for Rent

If your requirement is for less than five years, we suggest renting a portable storage container.

It is cost-effective and gives you the flexibility to use it as long as you want with no overhead for delivery and pickup. You can return the storage container if you change the location or need a larger size.

Things to Consider Before Renting Shipping Containers

  • Physical condition - Used shipping container units usually have faced the brunt of harsh weather at sea. The state of the container may depend on the amount of wear and tear on the ship, its age, and the cargo it carried.
  • Local municipal permits - Your city or area will have norms to issue permits and building codes for placing shipping container units on your residential or commercial property. Therefore, you must obtain all the necessary permits before taking delivery. If you want to save time, you can also hire a consultant who will arrange the permits for you for a fee.
  • Site preparation - As a general norm, your property needs to have a flat and steady surface, no obstructions overhead for at least 14', and enough ground on and around the driveway for the tilt bed truck to load and unload the container. Take a look at the renter's guide to help you with space requirements.
  • Choose the right supplier - We suggest that you choose a supplier with a stockyard close to your location to save the cost of transportation. In addition, the supplier should give you multiple options to choose from with competitive pricing. You don't want to get stuck with limited choices and higher prices.

things to consider before buying shipping containers.png

Why Rent from Mobile Modular Portable Storage?

  • Get a convenient 30-day billing cycle, which is 2-days extra as compared to the 28-days cycle other vendors provide.
  • A skilled driver with an A+ driving record delivers your storage container. Therefore, you don't have to worry about rain, sand, gravel, incline, or tight corners.
  • With our fleet of tilt bed trucks, we don't depend on a third-party supplier for delivery.
  • Our deliveries are on time, every time.
  • You can speak to a dedicated customer service specialist and get a quote within 1-hour.
  • We offer competitive prices with no hidden costs.
  • We assist you in preparing your site before delivery. 
  • Our skilled technicians will be available to service or repair your container on demand.


Shipping container units are versatile, durable, and mobile, making them useful in almost every industry. Use them as offices or storage units, homes, labs, booths, and more.

Mobile Modular can help you find the perfect portable storage container for all your applications. Call us today at 866-459-7600 and get in touch with our delivery specialist. Tell us your zip code and your requirement to learn more about our industry-specific solutions.

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Where can I find shipping containers for sale in Las Vegas?

Mobile Modular Portable Storage provides a wide range of portable storage container units in Las Vegas. You can use our containers as storage solutions, offices, and combo units at locations across Las Vegas. Speak to us at 866-459-7600 for a no-obligation consultation on a custom solution for your requirement.

What are steel shipping containers made of?

Shipping containers are manufactured with high-strength CORTEN steel. They have corrugated walls, hinged doors, and a sturdy steel frame. Each unit is built to withstand harsh environments at sea, from tropical heat to frigid arctic temperatures. 

How do steel storage containers compare to PODS?

  • Security - PODS have roll-up doors that are less resistant to rodents and water as compared to containers. The steel doors of a shipping container with gaskets provide extra security and safety.
  • Size - With a maximum 16' length, PODS work well for smaller jobs such as moving the contents of a small house, but they are not suitable for larger and heavier equipment. Storage containers are available in 10', 20', 24', and 40' options.
  • Modification - PODS have a simple design that is hassle-free to use but with limited modification options compared to steel containers.
  • Durability - PODS have steel frames and aluminum walls with a translucent top. However, storage containers built with CORTEN steel and corrugated walls are more durable.
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