Top 11 Uses Of Reefer Storage Containers


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Long-Term Storage of Perishable Items

Reefers have changed the game when it comes both short and long-term storage of perishable items. Let’s look at the top 10 areas of use for refrigerated storage containers in the market today.

1. Fruits and Vegetables

Refrigerated storage containers are incredibly effective at keeping produce fresh. This capacity makes it possible for us to access fruits and vegetables from across the world! It’s no wonder why reefer storage containers remain the preferred mode of portable storage for such products.

2. Dairy Products

Dairy products like milk, cheese and butter require definite temperatures to keep them fresh over long periods of time. Temperatures in reefers can range from -25 to 25-degree Celsius, which means you can keep dairy products in cold storage units without the fear of temperature fluctuations. It’s also important to note that you can partition a reefer to store frozen and chilled products, making portable cold storage containers a cost-effective solution.

3. Meat and Poultry

Meat must be kept frozen at -18 degrees or below and chilled between 0 to -2 degrees. Since refrigerated storage containers circulate temperature-controlled air, they keep poultry and meat fresh over longer periods of time without compromising on quality and freshness.

Reefer Storage Containers

4. Wine and Other Alcoholic Beverages

Storage temperatures have a huge impact on how wines and other alcoholic beverages taste. With refrigerated storage containers, these beverages remain in various locations without the fear of their quality being diminished.

5. Surplus Produce

Because reefers can be rented, they’re great for storing seasonal surplus produce. They are also an efficient solution that can be utilized by restaurants and catering industries, and even hotels during the peak seasons.

6. Expensive Equipment

Our reefers are designed to store equipment at specific temperatures while withstanding harsh weather conditions outside. That’s what makes them a perfect storage solution for expensive equipment, films, vehicle parts, and anything else that may be required in harsh outdoor locations, like, for instance, a desert movie shoot.

7. Food and Beverages at Outdoor Events

Outdoor events are often grand affairs, although they can be a nightmare for the support staff. Proper temperatures must be maintained in order to keep food and beverages in good condition. This is precisely where reefers come in handy.

8. Floral Requirements for Themed Events

Flowers are an integral part of ceremonies, like weddings. Theme weddings usually need a specific variety of fresh flowers, and cold storage containers can help keep them in pristine condition. Need lilies for a wedding in Nevada? With reefers, you don’t have to worry about your fresh flowers surviving the event!

9. Disaster Relief and Healthcare

During natural disasters, basic healthcare needs must be delivered quickly and in good condition. Reefers allow aid workers to deliver food, medications, and equipment to the disaster sites in top condition.

10. Military Use

Because reefers can withstand extreme temperatures and are protected from electromagnetic interference, they are extensively used by the military in war zones and forward posts.

11. Fireworks

Fireworks are explosive products that require careful handling and storage to ensure safety. One way to store fireworks safely is by using storage containers. These containers are made from durable materials and have safety features like ventilation systems and fire suppression systems. They also have strict temperature and humidity controls to prevent the fireworks from getting damaged or causing accidents.

Need High-Quality Refrigerated Containers?

Our reefers run on 3 phase electric power that makes them quieter and more efficient as compared to diesel-powered containers. With multiple container sizes in the range of 20 to 40-foot-high cubes, these cold storage containers are perfect for any load. You can also opt for lock boxes for additional security.

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