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Storage Containers for Rent

Get commercial storage or office space just when you need it with Portable Storage containers for rent. Originally designed for shipping goods across the ocean, our industry-grade steel containers are highly secure, portable, and come with attractive rental plans and prices.

A container rental can be used for storage or as temporary office space for industries like commercial construction, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, agriculture, automotive, and more.

Common applications include construction storage solutions for school and hospital furniture during remodeling, storage for additional retail products during busy seasons, secure storage of home belongings, ground level offices for construction sites, farming machinery storage as well as secure storage for valuable items. Our containers can also be used to assist with disaster relief and emergency situations. Be sure to check out our renter’s guide for more information on storage container options available for lease.

Features of Our Steel Storage Containers:

  1. ISO-grade storage container manufactured from heavy-duty and high-quality steel making them resistant to harsh weather.
  2. Keep expensive equipment safe in containers with lockable handles and high-security HASP locks and our compatible shackle puck locks.
  3. Containers are stackable to save space.
  4. Choose from different sizes of rental containers.
  5. Buy or rent portable containers from 10' to 40' sizes.
  6. Rental containers do not support storage of toxic or hazardous materials, flammable, explosive devices or illegal items.
  7. Forklift pockets to facilitate movement and stacking.

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Storage Container Rental Sizes

We offer a variety of conex containers available for rent with extra security features that come in a range of shipping container dimensions. Learn more about our rental inventory below. You can also visit our post about shipping container costs for rental container rates.

10' Storage Container

Our 10' steel conex containers for rent allow you to combine durability with storage space limitations onsite. Our used shipping containers are designed to fit into a parking space or driveway effortlessly. These 10' steel storage containers can be delivered to most any location and positioned quickly at construction sites, schools, convenience stores, malls, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and other sites. This portable storage container is ideal for tight spaces that call for more flexibility.

10' Storage Container High Security

Our 10' high security conex containers for rent include lockable door handles and a high-security HASP lock for additional protection. Feel at ease knowing your most valuable onsite tools and equipment are safely stored.

20' Storage Container

Our 20' storage container rental is commonly used to fulfill commercial storage needs, fire training facilities, small and mid-size industrial storage requirements as well as onsite requirements such as office rooms, restrooms, lunchrooms and more. These shipping containers offer ample space for all your excess material and equipment storage needs.

20' Storage Container High Security

Rent our 20' steel cargo containers with a high-security HASP lock and you’ll get 160 square feet of additional space for storage of high value inventory.

20' Storage Container Double Door

Our double door 20' mobile shipping containers are ideal when you need access to items on a regular basis. These containers can be used for projects in industries such as construction, healthcare, education, theme parks, manufacturing and many other businesses. Common usages includes walkway tunnels, hotel stock and seasonal décor. Shipping all across the country and equipped with 192 square feet of space, our containers are sturdy and reliable enough to handle large-scale projects, while our industry-grade steel and high security lock options, ensure your equipment and materials are protected from theft, harsh weather conditions or damage caused by vandalism.

24' Storage Container

Our range of 24' conex containers for rent are ideal for larger job project needs.

24' Storage Container High Security

Our 24-foot rental container with a lockable door handles is an ideal solution for larger jobsite projects. These shipping containers will ensure that materials are safe throughout the rental period.

40' Storage Container

Our 40-foot steel conex containers available for rent provide the additional space needed for larger commercial and construction projects.

40' Storage Container High Security

This 320 square foot rental container with lockable door handles and a high-security HASP puck lock are designed to handle larger projects.

40' Storage Container Double Doors

Storage containers with a single door can pose limitations for accessing materials stored inside. Our 40’ double door shipping containers make for quick loading and unloading of various materials because they have doors at both ends to provide access to retrieve and sort stored materials throughout the container.

40' Storage Container Double Doors & High Security Combination

We also offer 40' steel conex containers with double doors and high-security lock options for rent. This is designed to enable safe, portable storage. These storage containers are designed to handle commercial, industrial, rural, and construction storage. They also come painted in a beige color to blend with the surroundings. They can be used at job sites, schools, in warehousing, and other applications. The high-security option safeguards expensive contents against theft and damage caused by vandalism in remote areas.

Why Choose Mobile Modular Portable Storage

Partner with a team of representatives and drivers who are experienced working with multiple industries. Our experts can discuss specific design solutions and pricing. We own all our trucks and trailers, thus ensuring total control of container delivery on your schedule.

With Mobile Modular Portable Storage, you can rent a portable storage container on a 30-day billing cycle rather than the usual 28-day cycle. That's two extra days for no additional rent.

Mobile containers can be delivered across the US in all our locations on your scheduled day. Tell us about your business storage requirements today - request a quote or call us at 866-459-7600.

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