Applications And Tips For Winter Storage In Portable Containers


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Winter Storage Portable Containers

Depending on where you are in the country, the idea of winter can mean snow, sleet and ice, or it can continue to mean consistent sunshine and warmth. Regions that experience all four seasons can experience harsh winter seasons that bring over a foot of snow at a time, below freezing temperatures, high winds, black ice and more.

When this season approaches, it is important to ensure that your store inventory, furniture, farm equipment or expensive tools are not left exposed to the harsh weather. Having a portable storage container in the winter can save your equipment from damage during this season, and can save you precious time and money on repairing or replacing equipment. Read about the situations below to learn why you need secure winter storage.

Winter storage applications

  • -Business owners – Storage containers are secure options for business owners in construction, automotive, schools, industrial, and other applications. Portable storage containers can keep costly equipment and outdoor material safe from the weather, theft and vandalism.
  • ​​-Winter events – If you are organizing winter events over multiple days, you may be responsible for equipment such as furniture, stands, canopies and tents. This equipment should not be left in the open at night nor shifted to a far-off permanent storage facility every day. In doing these two things, you may subject your equipment to theft, vandalism and unpredictable weather, or it will be more difficult to retrieve your equipment every day that you need it. A portable storage container for rent on the site of the event can act as a sturdy and safe storage option that keeps your equipment safe and close so that you can focus on your event.
  • ​​​​-Seasonal festive décor – With the cold weather brings a festive, holiday season. You may have a lot of additional inventory such as packed food, trees, decoration lights and signboards for your business. You can store them safely in a portable storage container so you can easily pack and unpack them as the season changes.
  • ​​​​​-Agriculture equipment and machines – If you are in the farming business, most of your expensive equipment will remain unused during peak winters. It’s better to store all of it inside a portable steel storage container to save it from frost, snow and moisture that can cause rust. This will ensure that your equipment is safe and more ready for use when the weather warms up, allowing you to keep your business going without a hitch.
  • -Storing documents, books, paintings and other precious items – Books, paintings and valuable documents are often prone to damage by cold and moisture. You can store them in a steel container with steps for moisture prevention during winters so that they stay dry.

Now that we know some of the practical uses of winter storage containers, let’s look at five things to remember before you make a decision:

  1. 1. Think ahead about your needs – We advise you to make a list of equipment that you want to store and its quantity. Next, consider the container dimensions available. You need at least 15% free space in the box for any future additions. In addition, it’s important to note that if you are storing large, heavy equipment, you need to make sure you have space between machines to be able to move around inside the container. You don’t want to rent a box and later realize that it’s too small. Since winter nights are long, you may also want to secure your container with extra locks to prevent theft.
  3. 2. Separate storage space – This is an efficient way to divide the container into separate spaces, and allocate each space to a different type of inventory. This can be achieved by using shelves and partitions.
  5. 3. Material strength – We advise you to go for complete steel containers rather than aluminum ones built up over steel frames because steel will not bend under the weight of snow. This ensures that anything you store in your container will be fully protected, even when there is heavy snowfall.
  7. 4. Avoid moisture build-up inside the container – A sunny afternoon during the winter season can heat up the air inside the container. When the sun goes down, the air cools down considerably and introduces moisture inside the container. This is why occasional checks and cleaning are required inside containers, especially when there are major temperature variations outside.

What Next?

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