Five Business Scenarios Where Ground-Level Office Containers Make Total Sense


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Portable Office Containers

On a very busy day at the site, you get a call – your team needs a new office at another project that’s just taken off. You’re slightly flustered because time and money aren’t on your side. You aren’t the only one - this scenario plays itself out across hundreds of construction sites across the country.

Is there a quick, cost-effective solution for this? Yes, there is! Ground-level office containers are the perfect solution for situations where you need office or storage space at days’ notice.

1. Ground-level offices for construction sites. Ground level office containers provide on-demand office space, available in a variety of sizes. You can:

  • Transport or relocate offices easily by truck or train and set into place or move by a crane or forklift
  • Easily install the office, with little site prep on a level surface
  • Customize offices to fit your needs
  • Enjoy a comfortable environment with climate control, insulation, and HVAC units

2. Storage units. Equipment storage containers provide excellent storage that is secure, durable, and weather resistant. Store excess inventory, equipment, tools, blueprints, work schedules, and business records onsite









Your security offices don’t have to be a dark, cramped space. Portable ground-level offices are climate controlled spaces with HVAC and windows to allow in natural light.

3. Security offices. Today, security is top mind for any company, big or small. Ground-level office containers function efficiently as security offices, ideal for constructions site or warehouses.

4. Parking kiosks. Big events with high traffic require mobile parking kiosks. Portable ground level offices make ideal parking kiosks because they are fast to set up before an event and easy to remove after an event.

5. Control rooms for events. A control room is the heart of any large event. Choose the affordable option and rent ground level offices for events. Ground level offices are an excellent home for an events base of operations since they are highly customizable.










Mobile Modular Portable Storage has been providing ground-level storage containers for sale and rent across industries. Our clients rely on our high-quality containers to meet sudden demands for office and storage space. With our own fleet of trucks and trailers, we ensure your container reaches you without delays.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our ground-level offices and equipment storage containers, request a quote today.

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