Five Uses Of Shipping Containers For Commercial Storage


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Commercial Storage Shipping Containers

In 1956 Malcom McLean, then a North Carolina trucking-company owner, started using stackable containers to move cargo from truck to boat. At the time, cargo was loose and individually loaded on ships and the process of loading ships took forever. Five years later, the federal government began giving subsidies only to ships suited to carry stackable containers and thus, the shipping container was born.

Commercial shipping containers (also known as conex containers, intermodal containers, freight containers, or cargo containers) transformed global trade, but now they are making waves across several industries for new reasons. With storage space at a premium, conex containers offer businesses a chance to maximize storage capacity without having to invest long term.








Here are five industries that can benefit from using shipping containers for storage.

1. Agriculture. All-purpose shipping containers meet a spectrum of agriculture equipment storage needs because they keep contents safe from elements. You can choose the location of your shipping container for storage, and easily transport it when required. Storage applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Heavy Machinery
  • Farm Tools and Equipment
  • Supplies

These are just some examples where conex containers can be used as secure storage space that is flexible and can be acquired quickly.

2.  Education. Schools and colleges all need ample storage space, and somehow, it’s always in short supply. Shipping containers are ideal solutions for secure storage that you can rely on. Rent conex containers when you need extra storage space and return them whenever you’re done.

Need a lot of storage? You can always have the shipping containers stacked. Our freight containers can find applications in:

  • Sports: Storage of sports equipment and gear
  • Administration: Storage for files, records, other large equipment, unused furniture, and office supplies
  • Library: Storage for books

3.  Automotive. The automotive industry requires sturdy and secure storage. Shipping containers have been used to transport cars across the seas, so why not use them on-site in the industry? Each shipping container is made of high-quality steel that has weathered extreme conditions at sea and is also very secure, so your tools and auto parts are safe from theft. They are ideal storage solutions for:

  • Tires
  • Auto parts
  • Empty barrels
  • Tools
  • Vehicles

4.  Manufacturing. The need for storage in manufacturing is nearly endless. Shipping containers are perfect for the manufacturing industry because they are a smart storage option that can be stacked to save precious space. Textiles, food processing, furniture, and plastic manufacturers are just a few examples of industries in need of storage for:

  • Raw material
  • Supplies
  • Specialist tools, equipment, and spare parts
  • Long-term storage of bulk stock
  • Finished goods

5.  Healthcare

The healthcare industry needs effective storage solutions in a variety of situations. Shipping containers provide safe storage for fragile and expensive hospital supplies. For example, secure storage for a new mobile clinic or temporary storage during renovations or expansions. Shipping containers make excellent storage solutions for:

  • Medical supplies and furniture
  • Medical equipment
  • Wheelchairs, stretchers, and other regular necessities
  • Hospital waste

Renting intermodal containers on short notice can be immensely useful when your business faces a sudden demand for storage space. Shipping containers can be placed at convenient locations and can reduce warehousing costs.

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