Five Ways Shipping Containers Fulfill Business Storage Needs


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Business Storage Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are portable storage options for a multitude of businesses. But what kind of sudden storage needs can portable storage containers solve? Since they are durable, highly secure containers, the sky is the limit. Here are just a few examples of how businesses can use shipping containers for storage:

1. Emergency Storage. Businesses located in hurricane and flood prone areas have to be prepared for harsh weather. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, there was 15 weather and climate disaster events in 2017 with losses exceeding $1 billion each across the United States.

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Shipping containers are durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions like high winds and rain. Though they are not watertight, positioning containers on elevated land and lining the interior can help prevent water from reaching merchandise and important files.

After of a natural disaster, business owners that purchase or rent shipping containers with high-security locks can rest assure that items stored in the shipping containers are secured.

2. Storage During Business Relocations. During a business relocation, store equipment and files in secure shipping containers during the move. Store anything from cars, tools, tires, and spare parts to sensitive government documents. The biggest advantage? Shipping containers are portable – just load everything on a trailer, and you are good to go! Transport shipping container to your business’s new location and store until it’s time to move in.

3. Storage Space for E-commerce Inventory. 

E-commerce is all about inventory management. Readily available storage space allows for efficient operations and shipping. Store surplus equipment in portable shipping containers, so your e-commerce business is always prepared.

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4. Seasonal Storage During Peak Seasons. Be prepared for your company’s peak season. For example, the winter holiday season is when consumers shop more. Don’t get caught unprepared without stock. Store surplus merchandise in portable storage containers. Renting a portable storage container is a smart decision for seasonal demands each year.

5.Storage for Smoother Expansion. If your business needs temporary storage during a renovation or expansion, consider renting a shipping container and save on storage costs. Secure storage containers protect important files and equipment during construction and allow employees easy access on site.

Mobile Modular Portable Storage offers high-quality shipping containers to a range of industries and small businesses. We have our own fleet of trucks and trailers so that your portable storage containers can reach you as soon as possible. We also offer a unique 30-day billing cycle instead of the usual 28-day rental plan, which means you get to save two days rent with us.

To rent or buy new or used portable storage containers for business, request a quote today, and you’ll hear from us soon.

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