How Getting An Office Space Could Help Your Business


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Portable Office Containers

Having a swanky, expensive office space is not something that every business can achieve at the beginning stages. For many entrepreneurs, office space is synonymous with work. Peer pressure and office perks often influence new entrepreneurs to invest in expensive office space that they may not necessarily be able to afford at the moment. However, having office space comes with many benefits such as –


  • - Adhering to government regulations – You cannot expand your business beyond a certain limit by working from home. For example, zoning regulations can impose many different restrictions on entrepreneurs. Some restrictions include the amount of home space you can use for your business exclusively or the number of employees you are allowed to have. You can avoid these problems by having a separate office space.
  • - Finding a balance between work and home life – This balance can easily get blurred since you feel obliged to work for longer hours. You may also get distracted by family members or other home stimulants such as the TV. Working from home requires much more discipline and concentration compared to having a separate space that is not in your home.
  • - Improved experience when dealing with clients – Having a business in a separate location from your home gives you an upper hand when negotiating with clients. You can also charge higher rates from buyers depending on the location of your business and the experience that you give. In addition, having a separate office space can give you a more professional first impression.
  • - Commercial real estate is a great investment – If you are able to slowly build an office space of your own, you can even rent some of it to someone else. This could give you revenue in addition to having a great place to work from.

Even though offices come with a lot of benefits, they also come with a considerable investment if you choose the traditional way of constructing, purchasing or leasing a traditional office building. In addition to the actual property, you also have to invest in decorating your newly acquired space.

How portable office containers can meet business space needs


Portable containers are suitable for more than construction job sites, properties under remodeling, boatyards and mining sites – there are many advantages of having containers as regular workspaces. Let’s look at the benefits of having a portable container as an office:


  1. Easy functionality – Containers can be turned into fully functional offices by installing insulation, electricity, flooring, windows and doors. 40-foot containers can also be divided into office and storage spaces by using separators.


  1. Cost-effective – Containers help you avoid expenses on factors such as foundation and walls, which are necessary costs in traditional building methods. The containers are sturdy and made of reinforced steel, making them an option that lasts. If you only need the office short-term, you can even rent office containers.


  1. Compact and portable – The standard 20-foot container takes approximately the space of a parking spot. If you need more space inside the container, multiple containers can be combined. In addition, these containers can be picked up and moved to another location with ease.


  1. Reliability and versatility – Containers can withstand extreme weather and are water-resistant. They can be used as construction offices, home or business workshops, sales offices, laboratories, kitchens, business kiosks, schools, data centers, garages and more.


The portable offices and office and storage combos at Mobile Modular Portable Storage are an excellent choice for office space. When you choose to work with us, we offer the following benefits –


  • We respond within one business hour after receiving your inquiry on normal business days
  • We have our own fleet of trucks and trailers for hassle-free container delivery
  • Containers are delivered in typically one business day
  • A 30-day rental plan instead of the usual 28 days
  • High-security lock options
  • You speak to a dedicated sales representative instead of a call center executive

You can rent, lease or purchase a container that suits your needs today. Contact us or call us at 866-459-7600, and speak to a dedicated sales representative for your quote.



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