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idaho storage containers

Are you searching for storage containers for rent in Idaho? Not sure how to choose one or where to get it from? Keep reading for help navigating the process.

With an area of 83,570 square miles, Idaho is the 14th largest state in the US. It is home to major industries, including food processing, chemicals, paper products, electronics, manufacturing, and mining. In addition, Idaho is also an important agricultural state that produces nearly one-third of the potatoes grown across the United States.

Storage containers can also help serve Idaho’s construction, petrochemical, retail, education, government and military, healthcare, and automobiles industries.

With a growing economy, Idaho continues to see a greater demand for containers for office and storage needs. Affordable prices, easy modifications, and mobility make their case stronger and demand higher.

Call us at 866-459-7600 and get in touch with a delivery specialist to learn more about our location-specific services. You can also request a quote to rent (or buy) shipping containers.


Storage Container Solutions in Idaho

To fulfill the growing demand for Idaho’s storage solutions, Mobile Modular Portable Storage offers shipping containers that one can use for storage, office, or as a combination of both. Our office containers come pre-fitted with doors, windows, HVAC, lighting fixtures, insulation, durable flooring, and electrical outlets.

In addition, you can choose to add more accessories such as pipe racks, shelving brackets, and plan tables.

One example of our container services is a substation control house in Idaho made from our container unit. We delivered a custom-built 20-foot shipping container with the required accessories within two months of receiving the design.

idaho storage containers.jpg

We also offer combo containers that provide both office and storage space. For special requirements, we also have high-security and double-door container options in Idaho. Here is a brief guide on the standard sizes we have in our inventory:

Portable Storage


Exterior dimensions

Interior dimensions

10 Ft.

10’ L x 8’ W x 8’6” H

9’4” L x 7’8” W x 7’10” H

20 Ft.

20’ L x 8’ W x 8’6” H

19’4” L x 7’8” W x 7’10” H

24 Ft.

24’ L x 8’ W x 8’6” H

23’5” L x 7’8” W x 7’10” H

40 Ft.

40’ L x 8’ W x 8’6” H

39’9” L x 7’8” W x 7’10” H


Portable Office


Exterior dimensions

Interior dimensions

10 Ft.

10’ L x 8’ W x 8’6” H

8’6” L x 7’4” W x 7’6” H

20 Ft.

20’ L x 8’ W x 8’6” H

18’6” L x 7’4” W x 7’6” H

40 Ft.

40’ L x 8’ W x 8’6” H

38’4” L x 7’4” W x 7’6” H


Portable Office and Storage Combo


Exterior dimensions

Office dimensions

Storage dimensions

20 Ft.

20’ L x 8’ W x 8’6” H

10’5.5” L x 7’4” W x 7’6” H

8’6” L x 7’8” W x 7’9” H

40 Ft.

40’ L x 8’ W x 8’6” H

14’9” L x 7’4” W x 7’6” H

23’7” L x 7’8” W x 7’9” H


Refer to our dimensions specification sheet for all sizes, optional accessories, and features of each option.

Who Can Use Shipping Containers in Idaho?

With a diverse use of shipping containers, let us look at some of their industry-specific applications that will benefit businesses in Idaho.

  • On-site construction - Construction makes up over 6.9% of Idaho's GDP, with about 3.2% of the population working within the industry.

As such, there is a significant need for storage containers. You can use them to store valuable documents and expensive tools on a construction site or use the container as a temporary office, guest room, and recreational room.

  • Industrial - If your office is undergoing expansion, you can use a shipping container as a temporary office or storage space. It blends in perfectly with the professional landscape of your campus.
  • Petrochemical - Idaho has become the 31st state in the US to produce hydrocarbons, with more exploration in progress. Often oil, gas, and petrochemical industries operate in harsh environments. Stainless steel storage containers provide you with the durability and safety that you need. Use them as temporary offices, storage, or even emergency first-aid rooms.
  • Retail - According to the National Retail Federation, Idaho has over 25,000 retail establishments. It is one of the highest contributors to Idaho's GDP and employment, creating a demand for more storage containers. You can expand your shop's storage capacity without new concrete construction. With these portable storage units at lower relocation expenses, you can quickly shift the shop to another location in the city or state for better business opportunities.
  • Education - Three universities, four regional colleges, numerous private institutes, 105 school districts, and 62 charter schools only increase the demand for shipping containers in Idaho. If you are renovating or expanding the campus, shipping containers can be an excellent solution to run the classes uninterrupted.
  • Healthcare - You can use portable shipping containers as temporary first-aid centers, patient admittance checkpoints, and storage for medical supplies, beds, wheelchairs, and other equipment.
  • Agriculture - According to Idaho's state department of agriculture, 18% of the state's GDP comes from its farms, with food and beverage processing being the second-largest industry in the state. Our high-security storage containers are great for storing expensive farm equipment, tools, and machines.
  • Government - Government offices and military establishments can rely on our high-security containers for storing sensitive documents and expensive equipment.

There are other innovative ways you can use shipping containers as well. This includes affordable housing, restaurants and cafes, garages, theaters and bistros, hotels, workshops, art galleries, saunas and swimming pools, vacation homes, laboratories, student housing, and bars.

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How MMPS Helped Its Clients Set Up a Shipping Container Office in Idaho

A utility contractor in Idaho collaborated with Mobile Modular Portable Storage (formerly Design Space Modular Buildings) to purchase a 20-foot shipping container. This custom-built unit is an insulated office furnished with a security door, HVAC, interior mounted electric panels, and a control cable entrance.

The client uses the container as a control house at a substation in Idaho. Known for our on-time delivery, Mobile Modular Portable Storage delivered the unit within two months after receiving the design.

office storage containers.png

Benefits of Using Shipping Containers

  • Environment friendly - Industries are increasingly looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Shipping containers are easy to set up without damaging the site or the landscape. Instead of retiring the container to a landfill, we are refurbishing it for more extended use.
  • Durable - Stainless steel shipping containers can withstand sea winds, rains, and arctic temperatures, thanks to their stainless steel construction with a protective coating. They can last for years in your industry application.
  • Water-resistant - A container is resilient to water damage. There is very little maintenance required, along with a regular inspection for rust. This helps keep your valuables safe in wet conditions.
  • Safety - Keep your expensive equipment or valuable documents safe with high-security shipping containers that come with secure locks and double doors.
  • Easy transportation, loading, and unloading - It is easy to load containers on and off a tilt bed truck due to their modular nature and standard box size. It is also easy to stack multiple containers onsite.

Storage Containers for Rent in Idaho

If you need a container for less than 2 or 3 years, or even up to five years, we suggest you rent. Renting gives you the flexibility to use the container for as long as you want, move it to a different site, or return it.

Things to Consider Before Renting a Shipping Container

  • Budget and rental duration - You should consider renting the container if you have a short-term requirement or are unsure of how long you will need the container.
  • Physical condition of the container - Used shipping containers have traveled and carried cargo on ships at sea. Before renting, we suggest that you inspect the container thoroughly to see any signs of significant damage or rust.
  • Local permit requirements - Most local municipalities have guidelines for placing shipping containers on a commercial or residential property. We suggest that you check the policies for planning permission in your area.
  • Site preparation - You need to have a flat surface, sturdy foundation, no overhead obstructions, and enough space to load and unload a container on your site safely. Typically, your site should have at least 3-times the length of the container for a tilt bed truck to unload it.
  • Shipping container supplier - Your supplier should be professional with competitive costs and a wide range of inventory. At Mobile Modular Portable Storage, we give you numerous benefits that set us apart.

Why Rent from Mobile Modular Portable Storage?

  • Get a 30-day billing cycle that gives you two extra days at no cost compared to other vendors with a 28-day cycle. This can save you over 7% of your monthly rental cost.
  • We hire the most skilled drivers only with an A+ driving record. You don't need to worry about gravel, rain, incline, or tight corners.
  • We own a fleet of trucks and trailers, which means we do not depend on external transportation suppliers for delivery.
  • We are reliable and honor our scheduled timelines.
  • Streamlined ordering and delivery process saves our customers' time.
  • Speak with a dedicated specialist, not a customer service desk. Get a quote within 1-hour.
  • Get competitive prices with no hidden costs.
  • Our team will assist you in ensuring that your site is ready for container delivery.
  • Get quality equipment maintained and serviced regularly by skilled technicians.

Complete customer satisfaction and long-term relationship is our top priority.

rent storage containers Mobile Modular Portable Storage.jpg

Cost of Renting Shipping Containers in Idaho

The 20' and 40' containers are our most common containers. The cost of renting a container usually depends on the size and condition of the container and the modification you choose to do. There is an additional fee for pick-up and delivery, depending on the distance from our facility.


For more information, refer to the Mobile Modular Portable Storage renter's guide or contact us.

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Shipping containers offer a versatile and dynamic solution to all your storage needs. They can convert to functional and aesthetic buildings as offices, storage units, homes, labs, booths, and more.

Mobile Modular can help you find the perfect shipping container for all your applications. Call us today at 866-459-7600 and get in touch with our delivery specialist to learn more about our industry-specific solutions.


How much room do I need to fit a storage container or office container on my site?


Before ordering cargo containers, you need to ensure that your site has enough extra space for safe delivery and placement:

  • For a 10' container, you require at least 55' length.
  • For a 20'-24' container, you require at least 65' length.
  • For a 40' container, you require at least 120' length.

It would help if you had at least 14' clear height and 12' - 15' width at the place where you want to place the container.

You would also need to consider the door direction. For example, the door could be near or away from the cab of the delivery truck. For office and combo containers, you also need space for the door on the side.

How do steel storage containers compare to PODS?

Storage containers and PODS seem the same at first, but there are significant differences between them:

  • Security - PODS comes with roll-up doors that aren't as secure as those available in shipping containers. They are also not as resistant to rodents and water as compared to the doors of storage containers.
  • Size - PODS are available in maximum 16' length whereas storage containers are available in 10', 20', 24', 40' options. PODS work well for smaller jobs such as moving the contents of a small house but not for larger and heavier equipment.
  • Modification options - The PODS design is hassle-free and straightforward to use. They have limited modification options as compared to storage containers.
  • Durability - PODS typically feature steel frames and aluminum walls with a translucent top for some light to enter. On the other hand, storage containers are entirely made of CORTEN steel with corrugated walls and hinged doors with gaskets that protect your valuable documents or expensive tools and machines.

For how long can I rent a portable storage unit?

If your requirement is not more than three to five years, we advise that you rent the container. You can rent it for as little as a month.

What are shipping containers made of?

Most shipping container structures are made of high-strength CORTEN steel with corrugated walls and hinged doors. The steel can withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures at sea. However, to prolong the life of your rented container, we recommend that you regularly maintain your container to keep rust formation at bay.

How soon can you deliver the container?

We deliver the shipping container on the scheduled day as decided mutually. With our fleet of trucks and trailers, we don't have an external dependency for delivery. We take less than 1-hour to send you a quotation, and the time needed for customizations depends on your requirements.

Is it safe to stack shipping containers?

Absolutely! Shipping containers are meant for marine transportation and have load-bearing steel frames. One of the main benefits of using a shipping container for commercial and residential applications is the ability to stack them safely.

OSHA clearly states that you need to fasten the containers to each other so that they don't slide. However, you need to comply with OSHA guidelines for safely stacking the storage units. Here are some additional guidelines to keep in:

  • You need to lock the corners of the container using a twist lock to form a standardized rotating connector.
  • You should attach the base container to the foundation pad through a steel plate.
  • Each container displays its maximum stack load on the CSC plate. You should note that while stacking the containers and not exceeding the maximum load limit.

Do you have a loss and damage protection policy for a rented container?

Yes! You can minimize your financial loss by paying a small fee and protect your rented container against natural calamities such as floods, fires, tornadoes, windstorms, lightning, hurricane, hail, smoke, earthquake, explosion, and third-party vehicle collision.

For more details, read our loss damage waiver policy.



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