Shipping Container Rentals: Should You Be Leasing or Buying?

DECEMBER 16, 2023

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Shipping containers are versatile, serving a myriad of purposes from storage to office spaces. But what if your need is temporary? Renting a shipping container can be an economical choice for short-term requirements. Dive in to understand whether leasing or purchasing a storage container is the right decision for you.

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Leasing vs. Buying a Storage Container

Determining whether to buy or lease a storage container boils down to the duration of your need and its intended location.

  • If you're eyeing a permanent spot for the container, like for modular construction projects such as container-based apartment buildings or offices, buying might be the way to go.
  • Conversely, for temporary requirements or specific events, leasing can be more economical.

Leasing involves a standard agreement covering rights of use, delivery, and custom features. Purchasing, while different, comes with its perks. One significant advantage of buying is the potential to sell and upgrade as needed without lease constraints. Plus, buying might offer tax benefits through equipment depreciation.

When to Lease a Storage Container

Owning has its merits, but so does leasing. Leasing eliminates the need for a hefty initial investment. While the upfront cost of buying vs. leasing varies, not everyone has the capital or inclination for a permanent container.

Leases are ideal for short-term use. If you're considering renting for over 30 months, it might be more cost-effective to buy. In such a timeframe, you'd likely surpass the purchase cost of a container.

New vs. Used Shipping Containers

While a brand-new container might be tempting, there's a plethora of quality used containers available. Opting for a used container can be cost-effective. With Mobile Modular Portable Storage, you can swiftly select and lease a container that fits your budget and requirements.

How Much Does a Storage Container Cost?

Several factors, including size, style, features, delivery, and location, influence the cost. While purchasing might be less cost-efficient, renting can be more budget-friendly for short-term needs. A rented storage container could be as little as a few hundred dollars a month, depending on the size of the unit.

To find out an estimate of what you might pay for a shipping container, request a quote here.

Shipping Container Delivery

Regardless of whether you buy or lease, be mindful of delivery costs. Ensure the provider can deliver to your location and be clear about any associated setup or installation fees. View our renter's guide for more information on how to prepare your site for delivery.

Types of Shipping Containers Available

Mobile Modular Portable Storage offers a diverse range of containers:

  • 8’ x 40’ shipping container
  • 8’ x 20’ shipping container
  • On-ground container office
  • High cube containers
  • Specialty containers

Each of these containers has its own specifications and features that make them perfect for practically any application. Not sure what size shipping container you need? If you can’t find enough insight on our website, give us a call. 

One of the most common types of shipping containers for rent is either the 20’ or 40’. In construction, education, retail, and other contexts, these are often used as modular office buildings.

On-Ground Container Offices

For businesses needing a compact, temporary office, on-ground container offices are a perfect fit. These offices are climate-controlled, well-lit, easy to move, and wired for connectivity. With Mobile Modular Portable Storage, customization options are available to ensure the container office meets all your needs.

Here are some features of shipping container offices:

  • Climate controlled
  • Well-lit
  • Easy to relocate
  • Wired for data connectivity
Custom Guard Shack provided by Mobile Modular for Marie H. Katzenbach School for the Deaf.png
Custom Guard Shack provided by Mobile Modular for Marie H. Katzenbach School for the Deaf

Shipping Container Specifications

Shipping containers and modular buildings cost less than traditional buildings. They are portable, customizable, and energy-efficient. Even so, they aren’t all manufactured equally. If you’re looking for a cheap shipping container or a cheaper modular building option, you should still pay attention to the quality. Be on the lookout for described features like these:

  • Corrugated steel walls and ceiling
  • Marine plywood floors
  • Protection against environmental conditions

While one set of double doors at the end of the container is normal, you can also request windows and other sorts of modifications.

Common Uses for Shipping Containers

If you are looking to rent a shipping container or buy a shipping container, the product you get can be used for all sorts of things, including:

  • Retail storage
  • Office space
  • Housing
  • Construction and equipment storage
  • Restaurant Storage
  • Agricultural and farm storage
  • Garages, barns, and sheds

Curious to see other ways shipping containers are being used today? Check out Shipping Container Buildings for Commercial and Public Works Projects and learn why developers are increasingly interested in them.

Purchase or Rent Storage Containers from Mobile Modular Portable Storage

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