April 24, 2024

Quick Storage And Office Space for Your Construction Site With Shipping Containers

Shipping container construction

Shipping containers for construction are essential on practically any job site, but especially those contending with limited space for meetings with workers and clients. Discover how these shipping containers are ideal office space and storage solutions that allow you to have a rapid, turnkey solution that meets your budgetary needs.

Benefits of Using Construction Site Storage Containers

On-site storage containers and offices are ideal for construction projects of all types, whether it’s patching up potholes on city streets or a long-term outfall installation project in low-lying areas. Not only are they a secure storage solution and able to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, but there are other benefits that make them an advantageous solution for managing construction projects of all types.

1. Durable and Low-Maintenance

Shipping containers are designed to be used for years in some of the roughest, stormiest seas the world’s oceans have to offer. They’re also made of high-quality steel and meant to survive constant battering without their contents becoming damaged.

Because of this, construction site container offices and storage units require little maintenance and can be safely used for years throughout their lifespans.

2. Easy Installation

Unlike other types of permanent warehouse buildings or storage facilities, shipping containers don’t require any special foundations to be set into place, so you can start using them quickly for your construction site.

3. Superior Mobility

Our shipping container construction offices and storage units can be transported anywhere in the country. Regardless of whether your construction site is in the middle of Manhattan or in the most remote areas of Interior Alaska, your container can be delivered to you with ease.

4. Turnkey Customization

While some construction shipping containers require installation of electrical components, wall brackets, and other additions from scratch, we offer shipping containers that come pre-equipped with these features. You also have the option to add extra accessories like additional shelving as needed. This saves your team time and labor costs, so they can get directly to work on your site’s project.

Furthermore, most of our units come with electrical, phone, and computer outlets readily installed to help your crew stay connected with the rest of your team around project updates.

Popular Uses for Construction Shipping Containers

When you need storage space or a temporary office for the project management team on your construction site, containers are a cost-effective, fast solution. Across the construction industry as a whole, three different types of storage containers can be used to save space on your site and keep your equipment and other essentials organized.

1. Construction Site Storage Containers

It’s far too easy for smaller pieces of construction equipment to be stolen from your job site. For example, plate compactors are the size of a lawnmower, full of electrical parts that a thief could sell for scrap, and can often cost thousands of dollars or more.

Since construction equipment of any size is expensive and challenging to replace in many cases, a portable construction storage container can keep it under lock and key when your crews aren’t using it. Mobile Modular Portable Storage also offers containers with high-security locks to keep other valuable equipment safe from criminals.

We provide our construction storage containers in four different sizes to suit the needs of construction sites: 10 feet, 20 feet, 24 feet, and 40 feet. We also offer double door entryways on our 20-foot and 40-foot models, along with customized shelves to optimize the use of the storage space.

2. Job Site Office Containers

Mobile construction site offices are the heart and nerve center of your construction project. Having a high-security portable office on site makes it easier for your project manager to be constantly aware of the conditions on the ground and keep stakeholders informed of the latest developments with ease.

Furthermore, since most construction projects occur during the warmest or wettest months of the year, it’s essential for shipping container offices to contain adequate heating and cooling in addition to being secure and sturdy. Our storage containers come with HVAC units available, enabling space to be provided for a site office, employee break areas, stakeholder meeting rooms, and more. They also come with bars over the office windows and robust locking mechanisms.

3. Combination Shipping Container Site Offices and Storage Units

For construction projects requiring additional flexibility, our combination office and storage containers are an ideal solution. These onsite storage containers offer additional secure space for equipment, office space for your project manager and engineers, and all the amenities one might need in a traditional office space. They’re ideal for projects that have space constraints forbidding separate storage and office units.

Mobile Modular Portable Storage offers office storage combo containers in 20-foot and 40-foot sizes. HVAC and R-11 insulated walls and ceilings are also installed with each unit. These units can also be customized with shelves and other turnkey storage solutions.

Find Construction Storage Containers for Rent or Sale

At Mobile Modular Portable Storage, we prioritize helping our customers find the right onsite storage container for any of their construction projects, whether they need them for sale or lease. When our storage containers are rented, we offer the added benefit of a 30-day billing cycle for convenience, along with hassle-free delivery.

Looking for shipping container construction offices for sale or lease? Request a quote from us today, and we’ll help you find a container unit in our fleet near you.


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