Quick Storage And Office Space for Your Construction Site With Shipping Containers


Construction site Shipping Containers

Construction sites bustle with activities beyond just building or renovating. How can your construction site make the most of limited space for worker meetings, visits from stakeholders and clients, and storing equipment while sticking to your budget?

Benefits of using shipping containers at construction sites

Onsite storage containers are an ideal option for all kinds of construction projects, big or small. Not only are they secure and weatherproof, but they also deliver several advantages.

  • Low maintenance: Since containers are made of high-quality steel, they require little maintenance throughout their lifespans
  • Quick installation: Shipping containers don’t need any special foundation set up for installation, so they are quickly operational
  • Mobility: Construction site offices and storage containers can be transported anywhere in the country
  • Turnkey: Electrical components are already included, so you don’t need to set those up from scratch
  • Connectivity: Most come with electrical, phone and computer outlets to keep you and your crew connected.

Three types of containers for the construction industry

Containers are a cost-effective solution when you need office or storage space at your construction sites. There are three kinds of construction storage containers that can help your construction site save space and get organized.

1. Storage containers. Unattended small and expensive construction equipment can be easily stolen. A construction portable storage container ensures that all your equipment stays under lock and key when not in use. For example, you could store your IT hardware, computer systems, or surveillance equipment in a construction storage container.

Mobile Modular Portable Storage offers construction storage in four assorted sizes – 10’, 20’, 24’ and 40’ storage containers.

If you want additional security, choose containers with high-security lockboxes. To make the most out of your space add customized shelves with double door entry (for 20’ and 40’ containers).


2. Office containers with HVAC. Construction site offices are the heart of construction projects. High-security portable offices with a HVAC unit make excellent workspaces. Supply space for a central office, employee break rooms, and conference meeting rooms. They are secure, mobile, and sturdy.

3. Office storage combo containers. If you want the flexibility to use your portable construction storage container for multiple purposes, try our office storage combo. These onsite storage containers offer storage along with onsite office space. They’re ideal for projects where you don’t have a lot of space for separate onsite office and storage.

We offer these office storage combo containers in 20’ and 40’ sizes, and they come with HVAC and R-11 insulated walls and ceilings. Customize them with shelves and other storage options.


At Mobile Modular Portable Storage, we believe in helping our customers find the right onsite storage container. Choose between construction storage containers and site offices for rent or sale. Instead of the usual 28-day billing cycle you get the added benefit of a 30-day billing cycle when you rent from us.

Our quality of service extends to our deliveries too. You can expect hassle-free, quick container deliveries with our own fleet of trucks and trailers, which lets us transport your order on schedule.

To learn more about our construction site offices and storage containers, request a quote today. We’ll get back to you soon.

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