Seven Innovative Industrial Applications And Advantages Of Portable Containers


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Portable Containers Advantages

Portable storage containers for industrial applications are increasingly becoming a popular alternative over their traditional counterparts due to a range of benefits. Besides storing and protecting valuable equipment and documents in various industries, containers can be easily modified to serve specific industrial purposes. Some of these industry applications include:

  • Motor Control Centers
  • Water Treatment equipment
  • Air Compressors
  • Electrical Control Rooms
  • Generator and Batter Storage
  • Construction
  • Retail Container Applications

1. Containerized Motor Control Centers (MCCs). Storage containers can be modified to serve as MCCs for mining and other industries. Motor Control Centers consist of low to high voltage switchgear along with necessary components required to operate plant equipment.

Additionally, you can customize MCCs containers to include fireproof insulation, fire detection and suppression systems, rubberized wooden floors, pressurized fans, air conditioner or ventilators, and galvanized roofing, based on your requirements. MCCs containers offer high production efficiency by providing all the critical components at a single point.

2. Containerized water treatment equipment. Customized storage containers can be used for water treatment enclosures and have several benefits over conventional buildings. These containers are perfect for large-scale cleanup activities as they can be easily transported from one site to another. They can also be reused, unlike traditional structures. Apart from quick availability and superior protection from wind, snow, and rain, they have significantly lower maintenance costs. As they are highly durable, they can last as long and thus offer long-term cost savings.

3. Containerized air compressor units. Portable storage containers can be modified to serve as air compressor units by installing configurable multi-component systems. You can have ready-to-connect compressed air containers built that can be operated outdoors by simply connecting compressed air, electricity and water lines.

4. Containerized electrical control rooms. A secure control room that is temperature-controlled is critical as it houses sensitive electrical equipment and controls. Storage containers can be turned into reliable switch rooms due to their durable material, portability, affordability and various size options, among other factors. In addition, you can customize them with HVAC for climate control, insulation, fire safety systems, emergency exit doors, and many more features.

5. Generator and battery storage containers. Portable storage containers can be adapted to store generators or large-scale batteries which can facilitate airports, hospitals, and utilities to scale up their energy requirement. Such batteries include power inverters, solar arrays, and controllers that can be connected to the grid for continuous power.

6. Containers in construction. Portable containers come in handy in the construction industry in many ways. They can be utilized for storage as well as to create additional office space in a matter of days. Since they are made up of heavy-duty steel, they offer the required security to store construction tools, equipment, and confidential documents. Besides this, they provide climate-controlled workspace in the form of offices, conference rooms, or break rooms that can be delivered in no time to job sites with either rental or purchase options.

7. Retail container applications. 

containers are increasingly used in the retail industry to store seasonal inventory that can take up space in already crowded retailer warehouses. They are also used to store layaway goods, raw materials and supplies, yard maintenance equipment and documents and records. Ethylene-controlled containers are great alternatives to refrigerated portable containers due to their energy efficiency and in turn, affordable and eco-friendly features.

Ethylene control technologies work best with these containers due to their controlled atmosphere that allows careful monitoring and alteration of ethylene gas. Some organizations are taking innovative initiatives like growing specialty produce in controlled environments inside storage containers. It has not only made the farming independent of natural soil quality, land availability and weather but also reduces significant logistics-related costs.


Other Industrial Applications

Besides the uses listed above, portable storage containers offer various uses such as:

  • Finished goods storage
  • Shop equipment
  • Restaurants, hotels, and small shops

  • Renovation and repairs

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