Seven Reasons Why Cargo Storage Containers Are Popular Office Spaces!


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Cargo Storage Containers

Why are shipping containers a popular choice for commercial space when companies are looking to expand their office space? Skyrocketing construction costs and a shortage of labor are just a few reasons. Here are seven key reasons for the growing popularity of cargo containers as office spaces:

  1. Time Savings: If you’ve been involved in an office expansion project before, you know very well that the process could take much more time than expected. First, if you don’t have available space to build, you need to find a suitable location. Once you’ve found a suitable location, it’s time to build. But construction project timelines aren’t reliable due to weather, lag time waiting on permits, and the availability of labor. Before you know it, three or four months have easily passed by before breaking ground. Container offices, on the other hand, supply a quick return on your investment, since these offices can be set up in as little as a couple of days.
  2. Easy Relocation: When Daiken Met, an architectural firm based in Japan, was facing problems finding the right office space, they decided to use shipping containers. They leased a plot of land, and set up their office. When their lease ends, they can disassemble their office block, and move it to another location. These strategies save you time and the difficulty of looking for another office space.
  3. Durable Commercial Space: Shipping containers are made of high-quality steel. Designed to survive extreme weather conditions at sea, cargo containers are water resistant and can withstand elements such as strong winds, heavy rainfall, and snow.
  4. Cost Savings: Purchasing and setting up shipping containers equate to a fraction of the cost you could spend on the construction of a new office building. Purchased containers generally maintain their value, so selling your used shipping container will still get you a good price. Renting cargo containers is another cost-saving solution when you need office space for a short period of time.
  5. Great for Secure Storage: During a transition, businesses search for extra storage space. Cargo containers are an excellent option for storing office files and equipment. We offer cargo containers with double doors and high-security lock boxes for larger commercial and construction projects.
  6. Reducing Your Carbon Footprint: Reusing shipping containers as office or storage space helps reduce your carbon footprint. Recycling shipping containers save them from the intensive energy burning process of melting down the containers, which contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases
  7. Flexible Space: Cargo containers offer a lot of flexibility to any expansion project. Set up your office or storage space in any configuration. If you need conex containers, you can find one at Mobile Modular Portable Storage. We even offer office and storage combo containers, so you get the best of both worlds!

Not sure if you have the budget to buy a freight container for your office expansion needs? You can always rent one of our containers.

We offer a 30-day billing cycle instead of the regular 28-day one. This means that you can save seven percent on your monthly rental. We also have our own fleet of trucks and trailers to deliver your office container on your schedule.

Mobile Modular Portable Storage is one of the largest suppliers of cargo containers in the country. When it comes to portable offices and containers for commercial storage, we ensure your business gets the right products at the right time. To know more about our cargo containers for rent or sale, visit our FAQs section, call one of our representatives, or just request a quote for storage containers today.

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