How Much Do Shipping Containers Cost?


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The cost of renting or buying a shipping container varies widely depending on aspects like size, age, modifications, geographical location, condition, etc., of the container.

Cost to Rent Shipping Containers

There are a few factors to consider when making your choice of container. These factors will all play a part in the shipping container's cost. The most significant of which is the size of the container. We offer containers in lengths ranging from 10-feet to 40-feet. Obviously, the 10 ft. shipping container cost will differ greatly from the cost of a 40 ft. shipping container. There are also containers with special features that will affect the storage container prices. The rental period, too, will dictate the shipping container's price. The additional accessories you opt for will also contribute to the cost of renting the shipping container.   

Shipping Container Rental Cost by Sizes

Here's a quick look at the starting prices for renting a shipping container:

  • - 10’ Storage Container - $95/month                           
  • - 10’ Office Container - $210/month                    
  • - 20’ Storage Container - $95/month                        
  • - 20’ Storage Container (Double Door) - $105/month                    
  • - 20’ Combo Container - $225/month                        
  • - 20’ Office Container - $275/month                                
  • - 40’ Storage Container - $120/month                             
  • - 40’ Storage Container (Double Door) - $140/month                     
  • - 40’ Combo Container - $315/month                             
  • - 40’ Office Container - $350/month

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If you need more guidance to understand how to rent a shipping container, check out our renter’s guide.


Cost to Buy Shipping Containers

The answer to the question "how much does a shipping container cost?" isn't a straightforward one. This is because the final cost depends on a lot of the same factors listed above in the rental section. The size of the container is as crucial when you're looking to buy a storage container as it is when looking to rent. The other major factor is whether you are looking for a new or used option. Typically, used shipping containers cost differ to those of a new container.

Since a container has a 25-year life cycle, buying a container is the way to go if you know that your needs require a long-term solution. This is also the preferred option if you plan on making alterations or modifications to the structure of the container to better suit a specific purpose. 

Cost of Used Shipping Container by Sizes

- 10 ft. shipping container cost ranges - $3,800-$4,800

- 20 ft. shipping container cost – $2,350 onwards and about $7,900.00 for the office and storage combo. A high-security storage container will cost around $6,000.00

- 40 ft. shipping container cost ranges $3,400 - $3,600.00. The office and storage combo ranges between $6,900.00 to $9,500.00

Check our used shipping containers for sale to gain a clearer understanding of all the options we offer and find out additional details about our containers.

Read this buyer’s guide on used shipping containers to know more about the buying process.


Factors affecting Shipping Container Cost

Here's a deeper look at the individual factors that affect the storage container's cost that we touched upon earlier.


It is imperative to pick the right size of container for your needs. If you opt for a container that's too small, it will defeat the purpose of going in for one, as it won't be able to fulfill your needs. Go for a container too big, and it may not even fit in the designated area that you have marked out for it.

To help you understand what size you need to mark out for a container, here are its typical dimensions:

  • - 10 x 8 x 8.6 feet containers, 17 ton max payload
  • - 20 x 8 x 8.6 feet containers, 24 ton max payload
  • - 24 x 8 x 8.6 feet containers, 24.21 ton max payload
  • - 40 x 8 x 8.6 feet containers, 29 ton max payload

We offer our guidance with on-site preparations and can help you with your decision of what size container to opt for based on your needs. You may even check our shipping container dimensions guide to have a detailed understanding of various container sizes.

Rent or Buy

Whether you rent or buy depends largely on your needs and the timeframe that you require the container for. A temporary requirement that spans less than three years suits the rental route. A period any longer than that and you would be better off considering a permanent purchase.


The number of containers you choose will also affect your final cost. Since these containers come in ISO certified standard sizes, they are easily stackable. So even if you have a shortage of ground space, you can just create vertical stacks to make the most of it. 

Age and Condition

When it comes to used containers, prices will range based on the age of the container. The older the container, the more cost-effective it will be. We ensure that all our containers are fully functional and in ideal conditions before making a delivery, so regardless of age, you need not worry on that score.

Customization/Add-on features

We offer additional services at an extra cost. This includes special features such as double-door, high-security, and refrigerated options. You can also choose from a variety of accessories that include racks, security boxes, tables, chairs, and more. We even offer customization, refurbishment, and painting services as part of our portfolio, and the services that you opt for will affect your final cost. When you make your final choice for your portable container, you can get it with all the add-ons you need and can start using it as soon as you sign off on the delivery.  

Location and Delivery

Another consideration that affects costs is whether you want us to take care of the delivery or if you wish to pick up the container. If you would like to avail our delivery services, the location of your site, and the distance from our center will affect the cost. If you require us to install the shipping container as well, that too will contribute to your final expenditure. Another important factor to keep in mind here is the additional cost for permits and insurance for the container. While rules vary across different states, permits are usually required for the installation of a container across the country. 


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When it comes to deliveries, we don’t rely on external vehicles or driving talent. We have a team of expert drivers piloting our own flatbed trucks to ensure prompt deliveries, which usually don't take more than a single business day after you place your order. 

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