What is a Shipping Container Hunting Cabin?


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While hunting cabins are typically associated log cabins, shipping containers have the potential of changing the way we perceive these structures. After all, containers are faster to build, easy to modify, and highly portable.

Keep reading to learn about the additional benefits shipping container hunting cabins provide and how to build one of your own. 

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How to Build a Shipping Container Cabin

First, you need to determine the size of the cabin that you want.

Shipping containers come in the following standard sizes - 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot. A 20-foot shipping container offers about 150 sq. ft. space.

Read our size guide to learn more about shipping container dimensions.

Once you're sure about the type of container you'll use, you can move ahead with the following steps.

1. Design a Plan

A shipping container will offer you a simple, modular structure, open to modifications. Therefore, you must decide beforehand on the utilities you want, where you want to place your bathroom, additional doors and windows, heating and insulation, storage, shelves, etc.

You can consult an expert for a detailed plan or create your own layout. Conceptualizing the design will also help you plan your budget better as you'll be able to estimate the number of equipment, fixtures, and accessories you'll require.

2. Procure the Container

When you buy a storage container, you must decide whether to make modifications at the site or get a pre-built container delivered to your location. Since we're already leaning towards the DIY approach, let’s assume you’ve invested in a hollow shipping container with no modifications.

3. Build a Foundation

Now that you've paid for the container and are waiting on delivery, you must start preparing the foundation for placing your shipping container cabin. You can either build a concrete foundation or secure your container on piers.

A concrete bed requires you to dig a ditch, pour concrete, and give appropriate time for curing. Although it offers a permanent solution, it is much more labor-intensive and requires proper knowledge of making concrete mixtures. You’ll also need to embed steel plates on the foundation to weld the base of the container.

Piers offer a cheaper and quicker alternative. If you choose this approach, you'll need to dig square holes at four corners measured evenly as per the container size and start placing blocks in those holes. Ensure that you stack the blocks evenly to a height of about 24 inches from the ground. If there are any gaps or empty spaces in the hole, fill it with mud.

Illustration of a Pier.jpg

4. Accessorize Your Container

Depending on your plan, you can cut out an extra door space from the wall.  You can also cut out the roof to install skylights for natural light and warmth. If you need to improve the circulation and get a direct view, use a cutting torch or saws to create additional windows.

Once you have ensured that your skeleton is ready, you can start on construction. Seal up the visible cracks and gaps. Clean the floor with isopropyl alcohol and treat it with epoxy.

Install a timber floor over the epoxy layer. Fix the doors and windows in the space you've created. Chalk out the electric and plumbing connection for your living area and bathroom. Solar panels are a great option for ensuring electricity in your container.

Make all the electrical connections, ensuring that the lines stay close to the floor and wall as it'll help you conceal them with panels and insulation.

Create a framing that can house your electricity and plumbing utilities. Install panels and spray foam insulation to conceal your connections, retain heat in your container, and add an aesthetic touch to the structure.

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You can also install additional accessories such as a shower, storage cabinet, or a small kitchen/bar platform once you're ready with container cabins.

Find out about accessories that you can add to your shipping container.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Container Hunting Cabin?

The price of shipping containers depends on their service years, availability, quality, and condition. New or one-trip containers can be twice as expensive as used containers.

You can get a used container anywhere between $2,000 to $8,000. Factor in the cost of delivery,  accessories, land development charges, utilities, furniture, and fixtures.

Depending on the customization and accessories you choose, the price can fluctuate.

Advantages of Shipping Container Cabins

Rain or snow, the robust steel body of the container will keep you safe. You'll need much less time to build shipping container hunting cabins as you'll already have an exterior skeleton to begin with. Shipping containers are highly secure; they'll protect from unwanted intruders (2-legged and 4-legged, both!)

Storage containers remain unaffected by termites and insects. Plus, they are relatively cheaper to build.


If you sell your land and move to a new location, you can take your container cabin with you wherever you go.

Real-World Examples of Shipping Container Hunting Cabins

Let's look at six unique cabins built entirely from shipping containers:

1. The Rugged Cabin

BERG Premier Camp Solution's Rugged Cabin comes equipped with wood flooring, insulation, and windows with options to add solar generators, kitchen/bathroom, and fold tables.

Rugged cabin.jpg

The Rugged Cabin | https://www.ruggedcabin.com/

2. The Tin Can

Although the name suggests otherwise, The Tin Can provides upscale accommodation, complete with a living area, dining table, insulated walls, and a cozy bedroom.

3. The Hunting Camp Container

Hunting camp containers have various features, such as a fully-equipped kitchen, bunk beds, and rugged interiors for a memorable experience with your family.

4. The Canadian Container Cabin

Dupuis, a Canadian engineer and renewable energy researcher, outfitted used containers to build a cozy hunting cabin with a wood-fired stove, solar panels, and a minimalistic design with no walls. The entire project cost him only about $20,000.


Source: https://inhabitat.com/canadian-man-built-an-off-grid-shipping-container-home-in-the-wilds-for-20000/

5. The Liberty 200

Meka Modular's off-grid living solution is a studio apartment with a queen bed, a work desk, and a terrace front, perfect for hunters and anyone looking to stay comfortably in the wild.

6. The Taj MaLodge

The Taj MaLodge is a luxurious Airbnb in Oklahoma with a beautiful pond, artisanal furniture, boat parking, a patio and a grill, a storm shelter, and a giant greenhouse. You can book a stay over the weekend or even plan long-term vacations at the property.


Source: https://tinyhousetalk.com/off-grid-self-sustained-shipping-container-cabin/

Places Where You Can Buy A Pre-Built Cabin

Extreme Cubes are a reputed solution for a pre-built hunting cabin. MEKA Modular's Liberty 200 is available for sale in a ready-to-use build. Build-a-box is another business that offers pre-built houses.

You can also contact Cube Depot, Armadillo Cabins, and Rugged Cabin for a high-quality cabin.

Alternatively, you can buy a used shipping container and DIY the entire process to save money.

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A shipping container hunting cabin can be the perfect solution for off-grid living and experiencing the wild. You can convert a used container or buy a pre-built building at a fraction of the price a traditional wooden cabin would cost. A container solutions specialist can help you achieve a practical design and assist you in your plans.

Mobile Modular Portable Solution offers high-quality shipping containers for rent and sale. Call us at 866-459-7600 or get in touch with us to learn more about our container solutions.



How Much Does It Cost to Build a Shipping Container Cabin?

A used shipping container can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $8,000, while accessories and customizations are extra. Depending on the layout, customizations, and accessories, a shipping container cabin will cost a minimum of $20,000.

How Long Do Container Homes Take to Build?

It typically takes around a month to convert a container into a tiny home. Alternatively, you can buy a pre-build container and get it delivered directly to your land within a week.

Mobile Modular Portable Storage serves customers from major industries and can help you select the right product at the right price. Call 866.456.7600 to speak to representative or request a quote for your cabin container.

How Do You Make a Shipping Container Last Longer?

Shipping containers may rust due to moisture build-up. You can improve the ventilation, add a protective coat of paint, and fill out the cracks and gaps to reduce the risk of corrosion and make your shipping container last longer.

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