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shipping containers Fort Lauderdale

Shipping containers are fast becoming a preference for on-site storage and mobile offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The pre-built, heavy-duty construction of a storage container spares you the hassle of building a brick-and-mortar structure, helping you save both time and money.

The wind and water-tight body of a shipping container keep contents safe from wind, moisture, and climatic weathering.


Mobile Modular Portable Storage provides customized shipping containers with multi-functional units such as high-security locks, HVAC units, and shelving brackets.

You can use high-strength Corten steel shipping containers to make room for additional inventory, build efficient office spaces and facilities, or start your own pop-up business in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

We deliver rent-ready office, storage, and combo units in the shortest time to help you get the edge on your business.

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Storage Container Solutions in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, boasts of a variety of retail, maritime, hospitality, real estate, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. In addition, its proximity to the Bahamas and the Caribbean makes Fort Lauderdale a popular yachting, vacationing, and yacht manufacturing center. The boating industry alone employs more than 109,000 jobs in the county.

Conex containers are a viable alternative to conventional buildings for fulfilling the needs of all kinds of businesses in Fort Lauderdale, FL. From on-site storage of tools, machinery, raw materials, and finished goods to aesthetic office spaces, shipping containers deliver an efficient solution.

You can also find one-trip shipping containers functioning as restaurants, cafes, housing facilities, repair yards, and garages in Fort Lauderdale. In addition, healthcare industries can use cargo containers to provide care at remote locations with limited access to resources.

You can also use refrigerated containers with in-built climate-controlled units to store perishable agriculture produce.

Retail shops in Fort Lauderdale can use containers to accommodate additional inventory and tackle demand variations during peak tourist seasons. You can even build stalls in fairs and flea markets from a used shipping container.

shipping containers fort lauderdale.jpg


One-trip containers are as good as new and offer a highly flexible modular structure for making modifications.

You can choose from a variety of door options, replace the steel panels with glass, add more windows, or paint the exteriors-the possibilities are endless.

As mentioned, Fort Lauderdale, FL, is a popular yachting and vacation destination that hosts millions of visitors every year. You can use cargo containers in Fort Lauderdale to kickstart a pop-up container coffee shop, restaurant, or bar at one of the famous tourist hotspots.

shipping container cafe.jpg

Features of Our Containers

Shipping containers have a sturdy build that allows them to transport cargo across continents. Their robust construction helps them endure rough weather at sea. These wind and water-tight containers have a modular shape that can also function as efficient offices.

Our shipping containers for sale and rent contain various characteristics that make them ideal for building commercial storage. Let’s take a look: 


  • Highly Durable: Shipping containers have a cargo-worthy, industry-grade steel body that makes them weather-resistant. They also have a monocoque construction due to which the outer walls carry a significant part of the stress and do not fail even after years of usage.
  • Easy to Customize: Storage containers are modular in nature, which means you can customize them as per your needs. If you need more space in the same square footage area, you can also stack containers. Modern office containers in Fort Lauderdale come equipped with durable flooring, GFCI receptacles, phone and data access lines, and air-conditioning units, among other accessories.
  • Secure: One of the primary reasons people prefer used shipping containers for storing valuable items is their highly secure structure. Storage containers have thick steel walls and lockable door handles protecting the content inside from theft, rodents, break-ins, and vandalism.
  • Portable: Shipping container units come equipped with forklift pockets for easy movements at ports and container docks. You can lift the container and move it to a different location anytime you want.

If you're searching for an alternative to traditional storage and transport, shipping containers in Fort Lauderdale, FL, are your best option.

Shipping Container Sizes/Dimensions

You can choose a used shipping container for your business from the following ISO-certified sizes:

10-Foot Containers

The compact size of a 10' container unit makes it perfect for use at parking areas, driveways, and narrow roads. Although 10-foot may seem small, you get 586 cu. ft. of storage capacity, sufficient to store handheld tools, construction and industrial equipment, documents, and janitorial supplies.

Exterior Dimensions: 10' Length x 8' Width x 8'6'' Height
Interior Dimensions: 9'4" Length x 7'8" Width x 7'10" Height


20-Foot Containers

If you are looking for building storage for small to midsize projects, you can select our 20' containers. These multi-purpose units can function as efficient guard shacks, on-site sales offices, and industrial and commercial warehouses.

Exterior Dimensions: 20' Length x 8' Width x 8' Height
Interior Dimensions: 19'4" Length x 7'8" Width x 7'10" Height


24-Foot Containers

Pipes, TMT bars, and other similar construction materials have a longer length, making them difficult to store in traditional buildings. The additional size of 24' containers makes them convenient for storing longer items. If 20' containers cannot suffice your storage requirements, but a 40' container would be too much, you must go for a 24' container.

Exterior Dimensions: 24' Length x 8' Width x 8'6" Height
Interior Dimensions: 23'5" Length x 7'8" Width x 7'10" Height


40-Foot Containers

40' shipping container units offer a highly secure space for storing large machinery, finished products, raw materials, and valuable inventory. You can find 40' storage containers are large project sites with limited security.

Exterior Dimensions: 40' Length x 8' Width x 8'6" Height
Interior Dimensions: 39'5" Length x 7'9" Width x 7'10" Height


Storage Containers for Rent

If your business needs temporary storage space for shorter durations, you can rent a storage container and return it once the demand subsides.

Considering the ever-escalating real-estate prices, renting a container would be much more convenient than investing in a permanent building or renting a brick-and-mortar structure.


Storage container rentals are also perfect for businesses that do not want to spend time and resources on the maintenance and upkeep of their structure.

However, if you're unable to decide whether to buy or rent a shipping container, here are a few factors that can help:


  • Period of Use: Renting a container is a short-term solution. If you need the container for a few months or up to a year, you should consider renting the container. Buying a container is a better option for businesses intending to build a permanent warehouse, structure, or office, as purchasing the container helps offset the additional rental costs for long-term use.
  • Price: If you do not have a large upfront capital, renting a container can be highly beneficial, especially if you're looking to kickstart your business with limited means and resources. Purchasing a container can be expensive. Additionally, you may also incur maintenance and customization expenses. However, if your total rental cost for the months you use exceeds the price of a container, buying is a smart decision.
  • Structure: If you're buying a container, you need to be sure of the container's structural integrity. Single-use or one-trip containers can be a solution, but they are twice as expensive as old containers.
    As container rental companies invest in the routine maintenance of their container products, there are chances that you might get better quality.
    We recommend buying a shipping container if you have envisioned an architectural plan, innovative buildings, or stacked structures, as self-owned containers give you the maximum freedom to make changes. 

Use Cases of Shipping Containers in Fort Lauderdale

Shipping container buildings are popping up everywhere around the world. Fort Lauderdale, FL, isn’t lagging behind when it comes to using storage containers for building aesthetically designed spaces. Let's look at some popular places in Fort Lauderdale, FL, that have used shipping containers.

Township FTL

Township FTL is a popular restaurant and bar that uses repurposed shipping containers to conceal the stairwell of an adjacent space. The interior room at the bar includes garage doors that provide private dining space, and the bar design utilizes earthen materials often found in and around factories.


Crates Tavern

Crates Tavern is a lounge in Flagler Village in the Fort Lauderdale area. It features a 1,300-square-foot bar designed with 2,000 reclaimed wood pallets and a 4,000-square-foot outdoor space featuring two 20-foot shipping-container bars serving tapas.

crates tavern.jpg

Ideal Users & Uses of Storage Containers

Shipping containers are multi-functional units that can serve a wide range of industrial applications. Some of the industry-specific solutions made from storage containers in Fort Lauderdale are.


  • Manufacturing and Construction: Manufacturing and construction businesses can use containers for on-site storage of heavy equipment, fabrication machinery, tools, raw materials, cement bags, etc. You can also quickly build janitor rooms, break rooms, guard offices, supervisor cabins and move them to different locations in the plant as per your needs.
  • Retail: Retail businesses in need of temporary storage spaces and warehouses can use shipping containers to accommodate seasonal inventory.
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: Healthcare, biotech, and pharma industries can build temperature-controlled spaces, testing labs, vaccination centers, and mobile clinics from used containers.
  • Hospitality: Storage containers can help build tourist information centers, ticketing kiosks, and pop-up shops. You can also start your own cafes, restaurants, and bars at popular tourist hotspots in Fort Lauderdale.

How Much Does a Shipping Container Cost?

Depending on the amount you’re willing to invest, you can either rent or buy a storage container. Let's look at the typical container prices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Container type

Rental cost

Purchase cost

10 foot container

Upwards of $95 per month


20 foot container

Upwards of $95 per month


40 foot container

Upwards of $120 per month



Read our comprehensive guide to know more about the costs of containers for sale and rent.


Used shipping containers are a cost-effective and efficient solution to conventional buildings. You can build portable warehouses, offices, housing complexes, restaurants, and other structures from a steel storage container. Choosing a reliable container provider is key to overcoming your storage challenges and creating efficient spaces.

Mobile Modular Portable Storage provides shipping container solutions for all your storage and office requirements in Fort Lauderdale. Our high-quality containers come pre-built with a wide range of utilities to suit industrial and commercial applications.



Are shipping container homes legal in Florida?

Shipping container homes are legal in Florida, subject to the state's zoning laws. In Florida, the planning department divides the available land into zones such as R-1, R-2, etc., and industrial, agricultural, and commercial zones. In each zone, you can only build specific types of homes.  For example, the R-5, R-7, and R-15 zones do not allow container homes.

After confirming that your land is in the appropriate zone, you must acquire a building permit that shows your container home complies with relevant building codes and meets safety guidelines.

How much does a 20-foot cargo container cost?

A 20-foot shipping container can cost anywhere between $2,350 to $7,900. The price of a container in Fort Lauderdale also depends on container condition, size, delivery, location, additional features, and modifications.

Are shipping containers waterproof?

Shipping containers have heavy-duty doors equipped with rubber seals that prevent water from entering.

Where can I buy shipping containers in Fort Lauderdale?

Mobile Modular Portable Storage is one of the best suppliers to buy and rent shipping containers from in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We offer high-quality, rent-ready containers at the most affordable prices. Our own fleet of trailers and drivers safely deliver containers to all the major locations in the USA.

In addition, our customer-centric approach and a dedicated team of shipping container specialists help deliver a hassle-free renting and buying experience.

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