Shipping Containers Solving School Storage Needs


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Shipping Containers for Schools

With an uptick in enrollments year after year, many schools are looking for fast storage solutions to keep up with their quick growth. A very popular and affordable solution that solves school storage needs is by renting portable storage containers. At Mobile Modular Portable Storage, we offer a range of different storage options that can be flexible to fit all your storage container needs.






How Can Schools Use Shipping Containers for Storage?

There are many areas that schools can take full advantage of shipping containers for their storage needs.

  1. These containers are ideal for storage of school sport equipment. For all the expensive equipment that is often associated for weekly practice and games in football, soccer, track, etc., these containers can be used to store gear and equipment in a safe, secure environment. Shipping containers provide ample on-campus storage and have easy to access doors that can be locked to keep out unwanted equipment use.
  2. Another use is for expensive yard maintenance tools and equipment like gardening tools and lawn movers. These containers are ideal because of their optional high-security locking mechanisms to prevent break-ins all year around.
  3. Have a surplus of records with sensitive material and need some proper file storage? Use a shipping container with a secure lock to manage those extra documents in a safe place, close to the school.
  4. Growing schools often find the need of expansion and an immediate yet temporary storage solution during construction. Items like desks, chairs and learning boards need secure storage during renovations. Mobile Modular Containers can be used to store those items while protecting them from the weather and have them ready for when it is to be brought back inside in the newly constructed structures.

At Mobile Modular Portable Storage, we deliver shipping containers for storage using our own fleet of trucks and trailers, so we can make certain you get your storage needs when you need it. Our containers come with many options and sizes, such as the popular 20 feet and 40 foot containers. We can deliver based on your timeline and can be flexible on your renting schedule. Your school also stands to save more with our 30-day billing cycle as opposed to the standard 28-day billing cycle.

Get in touch with our team and request a quote to buy or rent shipping containers today.

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