How Much Does a Storage Container Rental Cost?

DECEMBER 16, 2023


How Much Does a Storage Container Rental Cost?

Leasing a storage container is an economical answer to short-term storage needs. Mobile Modular Portable Storage's portable containers ensure your items are safe from weather, wildlife, and theft. With flexible leasing options, you won't be locked into paying more than necessary.

Should I Buy or Lease a Storage Container?

Leasing a storage container from Mobile Modular Portable Storage offers several immediate benefits compared to the significant upfront cost of buying one. Leasing requires a substantially smaller upfront investment and is the most cost-effective option unless you plan to use the container continuously for several years.

Our crews will also handle the delivery and removal of your storage container, a service that may not be offered when purchasing from another company.

Exploring Storage Container Rental Options?

Mobile Modular Portable Storage provides a variety of choices in terms of size and type of storage unit. We offer 8’ x 20’ and 8’ x 40’ storage containers at competitive rates, and our storage containers with on-ground offices in the same dimensions are also available at attractive pricing.

The storage container rental price will also depend on the unit's features.

Available Leasing Options

Mobile Modular Portable Storage works with clients across diverse industries, utilizing our storage containers for various purposes. We offer short- and long-term leasing options, with flexible leases for uncertain timelines and long-term leases extending up to two years and beyond. Plus, with our low-cost damage waiver, you can ensure you are protected from loss and financial exposure if your container is damaged due to natural events such as flooding, fires, and tornadoes, as well as a third-party vehicle collision.

Storage Uses

  • Retail: Seasonal overflow, remodels, or pop-up shops.
  • Emergency Response: Reliable solutions during natural disasters or fires.
  • Mining: Temporary industrial storage and field offices.
  • Offices: Temporary storage during transitions or renovations.
  • Construction: Secure storage for equipment and personal belongings.
  • Agriculture: On-site storage for feed, produce, supplies, and equipment.

Customized Storage Containers for Rent

In addition to storage units, we offer on-ground offices converted from storage containers. These spaces can serve as break rooms, offices, or combination storage areas near worksites.

These units have doors, windows, climate control, finished flooring, electrical outlets, internet connectivity, and built-in lighting. With Mobile Modular Portable Storage, you can lease additional features and furnishings, including tables and chairs, security features, whiteboards and corkboards, and more.


Our storage containers come with a high-security HASP lock to prevent theft and premium security features to deter burglary, including window security screens, adjustable window security bars, and tamper-resistant fasteners.

Temporary Storage Containers in Action

  • Freedom Church: Utilized our 8’ x 40’ on-ground office and storage combination for an annual event.
  • Cirque du Soleil: We provided seven modules, including five office units and two storage containers with office spaces.

Delivery Estimates

The waiting period for leased storage containers is significantly shorter than for new ones. Exact delivery estimates depend on your location, but Mobile Modular Portable Storage will work to deliver the unit to your location as quickly as possible.

Renting from Mobile Modular Portable Storage

Looking to rent shipping containers for storage at your location? Reach out to Mobile Modular Portable Storage's staff at 866.459.7600 to find an affordable and flexible solution for your business.

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