Why Portable Storage Containers Are The Hottest Pop-Ups Around


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Portable Storage Containers

Temporary retail or pop-up stores are expected to produce $80 billion annually. Major brands such as Starbucks, Tesla, Adidas, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Samsung and Motorola have successfully used pop-up stores to promote their brands. These brands utilize the unique appeal a pop-up brings their companies and use it as a novel way of promoting a product, presenting try-outs of a new product or service, or promoting an event.

Storage containers are becoming the preferred weapon of choice when it comes to creating a great pop-up store. With thousands of unused containers lying at ports around the world, they are easily accessible, inexpensive and versatile.

Why are portable storage container pop-up stores ideal?

Portable storage containers are a unique way to bring an additional twist to a pop-up store due to their eye-catching features and ability to be customized, while also providing the perfect setting a pop-up store needs to attract a crowd.

Ample Space. Pop-ups need to be compact. Portable storage containers from Mobile Modular Portable Storage come in standard sizes, with the most common being 20-ft and 40-foot containers. Using a portable storage container allows people to choose the size of the container they want and use that space in whichever way they choose.  

Mobile. If you’re interested in expanding to a new city, or even a new area of town, pop-ups are a cost-effective, low-risk method. This is because they are an easy way to test the success of a brand in a particular area, and compare this success to multiple areas since travel is made easier. Once you’re done at a location, you simply pack up, load it on a trailer, and you’re ready to go. Large companies have taken advantage of this feature. For example, Starbucks was able to close and reopen a relocated storage container café in Colorado in just 21 days.



This mobility aspect also makes storage container pop-up stores a great way to promote new or seasonal products. According to a survey conducted by the social media marketing company, PopUp Republic, 61 percent of shoppers list seasonal products as their primary motivation for shopping at a pop-up during a holiday season. Pop-up stores are also an easy way to find a unique gift during the holiday season from brands that are not typically found in the area.

Inexpensive. The whole objective of a pop-up is to generate interest and awareness without having to invest a lot upfront. Pop-up stores are more cost-friendly than traditional storefronts because you can set them up anywhere you need to without having to spend a great deal. Used storage containers are relatively inexpensive and renting them can be an option if they are only required short-term. This cost-friendly aspect of using a storage container as a pop-up store makes this method appealing to both large, established brands and small start-ups.

Customizable. Pop-up store storage containers are works of art in themselves. Many of them are creatively designed, and that alone draws customers to them. Storage containers can be tailor-made to reflect your brand’s aesthetic without sacrificing the brand’s quality or design. For established brands that already own storefronts, this makes the transition between a specifically-designed storefront to a complementary pop-up store seamless. As for start-ups, storage containers allow companies the freedom to craft their own design aesthetics and try out different configurations in a smaller space to test what works best.

Safe. Storage containers also offer more protection from the elements than other pop-ups. After all, they were originally designed to survive some of the toughest weather conditions at sea. In addition, they can be fitted with extra safety features to protect them from thieves. This is a great way to ensure safety in your pop-up store and to the products it holds.

Eco-friendly. When you refurbish a storage container, you do your bit for the environment because you’re giving a new life to something that could eventually be discarded. Highlighting the eco-friendly aspect of your pop-up in any campaign can earn you a lot of brownie points, especially among millennials.



Trending on social media


Quirky pop-up stores made from portable containers are trending all over social media. Pop-up stores are not only considered unique commodities, but they are also seen as an innovative trend due to their eco-friendly, easily customizable features. Opening a well-crafted Instagram account or a Facebook page dedicated to the pop-up can have a huge influence, and can easily target a large number of people on social media.

A portable storage container used as a pop-up store is a creative way to promote brands that are large, small and every size in between. Due to their ability to draw crowds and get noticed on social media, they are a great way to showcase an interesting alternative to a traditional pop-up store.

Mobile Modular Portable Storage has storage containers of all sizes and offers containers for rent or purchase. You can get your container delivered to you hassle-free thanks to our own fleet of trucks and trailers. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today.

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