Custom Shipping Containers for Your Business


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custom shipping containers

Regular commercial space offers little room for modifications. On the other hand, custom shipping containers offer plenty of opportunities to create unique designs and layouts. As such, container businesses have become a massive hit among entrepreneurs. Keep reading to find out more about how shipping containers can provide a custom-made space for your next venture.

Disclaimer: Mobile Modular Portable Storage does not modify shipping containers. However, we offer container accessories.


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What are Modified Shipping Containers?

Custom shipping containers or modified Conex containers are an affordable and eco-friendly way to construct a functional and attractive shop, restaurant, or commercial space. You can modify these units into modular structures and create innovative shop layouts that suit your needs.

From theft-proof systems to full-length glass windows and exterior stairs, container modifications come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Why Do You Need Container Modifications?

Modifying a shipping container allows you to pick the style, security features, ventilation and also helps you incorporate custom utilities for added convenience.

There are many different types of shipping container buildings such as offices, classrooms, restaurants, control rooms, water treatment facilities, car storage units, and retail stores. Each configuration requires a distinctive design, set of fixtures, doors, windows, and storage.

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Some of the advantages that structurally modified shipping containers offer are:

  • Modified units can together create large interior spaces using shipping containers
  • Custom wall openings give you better access to utilities
  • Using exterior stairs allows you to use stacked containers, giving you more space in the same area
  • Exterior doors and hardware can improve accessibility
  • Framed windows let in more sunlight and enhance ventilation
  • Electrical outlets can improve the overall digital connectivity of your company or workspace


You can also completely overhaul a shipping container and use it for the following applications:

  • Mobile Offices: With a portable office container, you can take your business wherever you want
  • Bathrooms & Locker Rooms: Give your employees access to clean restrooms at remote job sites with a modified container bathroom.
  • Living Space: Create a comfortable home in modified shipping containers with a well-maintained HVAC system.
  • Industrial Equipment Shelters: These shelters can function as labs for testing sensitive material and equipment on site.
  • Multi-Containers Structures: A stacked multi-container storage gives you room for future expansion.
  • Medical Use: Shipping containers can be pretty helpful, particularly in the current COVID-19 pandemic, as they can function as vaccine administration centers, medical equipment storage, and mobile clinics.

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Common Types of Container Modifications

Listed below are some modifications you can make to a shipping container:

  • Entry Doors: Depending upon your application, you can change the standard entry doors to roll-up doors, heavy-duty doors, personnel doors, residential doors, or a security door.
  • Windows & Skylights: You can select an appropriate window or skylight to bring more natural light into your unit.
  • HVAC: Control the temperature and humidity of the air inside your modified shipping container. HVAC units include window air conditioning, ducts, rooftop turbine vents, louver vents, through-wall air conditioning, and exhaust fans.
  • Insulation and Interiors: Standard shipping containers do not have insulated or finished walls. Insulation and paneling help in interior climate control and adds an aesthetic touch to your space.  Common modifications include fiberglass insulation with FRP plywood paneling, polystyrene foam paneling, fiberglass insulation with primed fiber-cement paneling, and spray foam closed-cell panels.
  • Electrical & Lighting: Use these fixtures for power plug points, sockets, and lights wherever you desire. The wires for electrical fixtures generally run behind conduits and walls. You can add LED lights, overhead lighting, porch lighting, data and phone plug points, and receptacles in modified shipping containers.
  • Paint: Painting can help protect the surface and improve the aesthetics of your shipping container. Selecting a color palette or theme for your containers can add a vibrant touch to your space.
  • Shelving: Adding shelves helps you manage the space inside your storage container more efficiently.
  • Locking Mechanisms: If you plan on storing valuable goods and commodities, a theft-prevention lockbox or security arm will come in handy.

Designing Custom Shipping Containers

Read our step-by-step guide to building your own customized storage container:

1. Think About Your Container Application

Understand if the modifications would suit your daily operations.

If you are using shipping containers for storage, make a list of sensitive items and check for ventilation requirements and safety.

For offices, and workspace consider the amount of lighting, the number of people sharing the space, internet connectivity, conference rooms, restroom facilities, etc.

If you are in the restaurant industry, select the kitchen equipment, appropriate plumbing and kitchen utilities, service areas, and exteriors.

2. Make a List of Accessories You Need

Keep a note of resources such as type of flooring, electrical outlets, type of lock, custom window, interior, roll-up doors, exterior modification, and unique requirements, if any.

3. Put All Your Ideas on Paper

Get in touch with a designer who specializes in modifying shipping containers to translate your ideas on paper. Ask for a drawing to understand the feasibility.

4. Contact a Shipping Container Provider

A storage container provider can help you find suitable shipping containers. Contact us to buy shipping containers at affordable prices.

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Are Shipping Container Modifications Safe?

While the steel construction of shipping containers protects against external environmental threats, professional modifications add to the internal security. You can add the following security features to your storage containers:

  • Keypad Entry: Allows access to select personnel. It can be beneficial in the storage of valuables.
  • Latch Guards: Conceal the lock and decrease the likelihood of forced entry.
  • Burglar Bars: Protect your container from intrusion through windows.
  • Security Lights: Keep your container office well-lit and deter unwanted visitors from entering the container.
  • Lock Box: Increase security by protecting the lock from bolt cutters and theft devices.
  • Alarm Systems: Modern alarm systems feature motion detectors, CCTVs, and sensors that trigger an alarm in case of unwarranted entries.

Renting vs. Buying

If you want to add minor modifications or accessories, renting a container can help you cut costs. For major customizations, it is advisable to buy a shipping container.

Why Partner With Us?

Our dedicated team of specialists will reach out within one hour from when you send your query. We stay in contact with you throughout the entire process, from inquiry to delivery. Our experienced drivers can negotiate tough sites and deliver your unit without hassles. Get in touch to learn more.



Do you allow extensive shipping container modifications?

Shipping container modification includes changing the structure and aesthetics, and you can do that after you buy the container. Unfortunately, you cannot modify rental units. However, you can accessorize them. Talk to us at 866-459-7600 for further details.

What types of buildings are modified shipping containers typically used for?

Shipping containers find application in storage units, restaurants, bars, retail stores, offices, equipment shelters, living spaces, agriculture, and medical units.

What are the benefits of a shipping container building?

Shipping containers are cheaper, easy to modify, portable, and environment friendly. In addition, a shipping container building requires less time to build compared to conventional structures, helping you start earning immediately.

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