Rent or Buy a Double-Door Shipping Container


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Shipping containers come in versatile sizes and configurations that make them useful for diverse applications. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from various types of storage containers.

Selecting the right storage container can help simplify the process, improve efficiency, and allow you to create better designs. If you plan on using the container to load and unload cargo, a double-door container is your best option for getting the job done quickly.

Let's take a look at what double-door shipping containers are, factors to consider before making a decision, which investment option makes the most sense.

What are Double-Door Containers?

Just as the name suggests, double-door units are shipping containers with two doors. While most containers have a single opening at one end, double-door shipping containers have two openings at either end.

Also known as tunnel containers, these units offer easy access to the container from both sides.

They come in various sizes and specifications like the high-cube. In addition, you can modify the design of a double-door container as per your needs to build a custom container.

For more security, you can also customize your container with a lock-box and roll-up cargo doors.


Standard Sizes of Double-Door Storage Containers

Double-door shipping containers come in the following sizes:

20-Foot Double-Door Container

20-foot units are excellent for excess material and equipment storage.




Their compact size is ideal for storing hotel stock, seasonal décor, tools, equipment, and documents.

You can also build aesthetic walkway tunnels with these containers.


  • Exterior: 20' Length x 8' Width x 8' 6" Height
  • Interior: 19' 2" Length x 7' 8" Width x 7' 10" Height
  • Volume: 1,172 ft3
  • Tare Weight: 4,982 lbs.
  • Max Payload: 47,928 lbs.
  • Max Weight: 52,910 lbs.


40-Foot Double-Door Container

A 40-foot container with double doors is a multi-purpose unit for large project sites.

Even in areas with limited security, you can store excess inventory, machinery, iron and steel, cars, moving equipment, and other heavy items. Their efficient design significantly improves accessibility while allowing for quick loading and unloading.


  • Exterior: 40' Length x 8' Width x 8' 6" Height
  • Interior: 39' 7" Length x 7' 8" Width x 7' 10" Height
  • Volume: 2,390 ft3
  • Tare Weight: 9,054 lbs.
  • Max Payload: 58,642 lbs.
  • Max Weight: 67,696 lbs.


Both these containers have a standard height. For additional height to your container, you can opt for a high-cube shipping container.

Uses of Double-Door Shipping Containers

Some typical applications of double-door shipping containers are:

  • Storing oversized cargo
  • Warehouses
  • Motorbikes, cars, and snowmobile garage
  • Building walkway tunnels
  • Offices and workstations
  • Moving and transportation activities
  • Restaurants, cafes, and pop-up bars
  • Retail shops
  • Display areas

Handling heavy cargo of unusual sizes is much easier with a double-door storage container. You can load, unload, sort, and retrieve goods conveniently, thanks to their easy access. If you don't want the additional opening during service, you can close it temporarily and use double-door units as bulk storage areas.

Features of Double-Door Containers

The following features of double-door shipping containers make them highly convenient, flexible, and efficient:

  • High-strength Corten steel construction
  • 14-gauge corrugated steel panels with 1-1/8" thick marine plywood flooring
  • Wind and water-tight design
  • Forklift pockets for easy portability
  • Ground-level access
  • Temporary and permanent storage
  • On-site delivery
  • Lockable doors
  • Accessories and upgrade options like pipe racks, shelving brackets, and climate-control insulation
  • Security customizations like High-Security HASP locks and lock-boxes

shipping container shelves.jpg


Understanding Container Conditions

There are several kinds of containers for sale and rent. Depending on the number of years they were in service, the container's condition will vary significantly, as does the availability and price.

New or one-trip containers are generally the most expensive. Used containers are less expensive, though they may come with dents, rust, minor pits, and cracks.

While container manufacturers typically repair these flaws, it’s important to make sure your container is free of imperfections before you invest. These kinds of vulnerabilities will impact the container’s functionality.

One-trip containers have been used, but just one time. Because they are essentially “as good as new,” a one-trip unit with two sets of doors typically costs twice as much as a used container.


Double-door shipping containers are specialized units that allow access from both ends. These containers are perfect for quickly loading and unloading heavy cargo with unusual dimensions. Buying double-door storage containers can help you maximize your existing capacity and build an attractive and functional space.

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Do Shipping Containers Have Doors on Both Ends?

Double-door shipping containers have a door on both ends that allow easy access from either side.

In Terms of Volume, How Much Can You Fit In a 40 Ft. Double-Door Container?

A 40-foot double door container has a storage volume of about 2,390 ft3, which means you can easily store multiple cars, heavy machinery, moving equipment, and large tools.

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