Eight Major Advantages To Purchasing A Shipping Container


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Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have a reputation for being able to withstand the toughest climates out at sea. Many industries are using shipping containers as effective and eco-friendly storage solutions on land. Learn more about why businesses are turning to these cargo containers for storage needs.

1. Durable. A key reason why shipping containers are popular across industries lies in their strength. Storms on the high seas, strong winds, and arctic temperatures are just some of the forces intermodal containers are designed to withstand.

Containers are made of steel. A special paint on top of a steel alloy protects against corrosion, so containers last for years. Each shipping container can bear heavy loads and stack efficiently.

2. Low Maintenance. Door gaskets. That’s about as much as you’ll have to replace every few years. Cargo containers are made to be low maintenance. It’s necessary, however, to inspect them annually to maintain areas where rust could develop.

3. Flexibility. Versatile utility is one of the key advantages of shipping containers. Freight containers are ideal for storage, but can also be used as office containers. In fact, you can even acquire containers combined to be used as both office and storage space. Here are some industry applications Mobile Modular Portable Storage containers can be used for:

  • Retail: Storage for showrooms, stores, and restaurants
  • Education: Storage for sports equipment, office records, and furniture
  • Construction: On-site storage of valuable tools and materials
  • Industrial: Storage facilities for equipment, parts, spares, and other items
  • Government: Storage of documents and other sensitive material
  • Automotive: Storage of parts, tools, and tires
  • Healthcare: Storage for laundry, records, and other medical equipment
  • Agriculture: Holding of farm equipment, tools, and expensive machinery

4. Safety. High-security cargo containers or high-security sea cans have features to keep expensive equipment or office records safe. We offer a high-security lock box and double doors that are strong deterrents against theft.

5. Eco-friendly. For any organization looking to reduce its carbon footprint, freight containers are an excellent solution! Instead of sending a box to the landfill, re-furbish, and repurpose it. A new coat of paint can do wonders to a well-maintained conex container. When a shipping container is no longer needed, sell or recycle it!

6. Hassle-Free Loading and Unloading. Shipping containers are delivered by truck. All you need to do before unloading is ensure you have enough room to allow the truck to drop it off. A team can help you determine the space needed, but it is usually twice the length of the container with sufficient additional length in a straight line. Containers sit best on level ground with enough elevation in flood-prone areas.

7. Quick Solution for Storage Needs. Shipping containers are the perfect solution for companies that need extra storage space, but don’t have the time to plan for a custom storage solution. Most cargo containers can be delivered within a few days. Mobile Modular Portable Storage typically delivers shipping containers within one business day from receipt of order.

8. Savings. When it comes to intermodal or freight containers, companies have the option to buy or rent. Renting is best when your storage solution is required only temporarily. For example, when it is peak season or when your inventory is full.

In fact, Mobile Modular Portable Storage offers a unique 30-day billing cycle on rentals, which means that you save about seven percent on your monthly rent.

The Mobile Modular Portable Storage Advantage

Mobile Modular Portable Storage rents and sells commercial and construction based portable storage containers and high-security container offices.

Our prompt service, timely deliveries, and cost-effective billing cycles set us apart. We don’t sub-contract deliveries and take responsibility for all deliveries with our own fleet of trucks and trailers. We work on getting what you need as fast as possible. To know more request a quote for shipping containers today.

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