Seven Things To Know Before Delivery Of Your Shipping Container


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Shipping Containers

Businesses, and other organizations choose to buy or rent shipping containers for a variety of reasons. Shipping containers can be used as temporary or permanent storage spaces, portable offices, or to stock material in bulk with ease. There is no denying that storage containers make for very useful investments in the commercial sector.

Whether you are looking for storage containers, portable offices, or an office storage combination, there are several questions that you should have the answers to before you decide to invest in portable storage containers. These questions go a long way towards helping you understand what the delivery process entails and specific measures you need to take before your shipping container is delivered.

1. How much space does a storage container require? Storage containers come in a variety of sizes. Consider a 40-foot storage container that’s delivered on a tiltbed truck. The truck will need at least twice the container’s length (80 feet) in a straight line. This is essential for the truck driver to get out from under the container after placing it down. So, to be on the safer side, have nearly 100 feet of space length-wise ready if you have ordered a 40’ shipping container.

If you face unique space constraints, get in touch with us – we will help you estimate the actual space you will need for your container delivery.

2. How much does a container weigh? A shipping container and truck can easily weigh up to 45,000 pounds. Before selecting a container, ensure that the site where you want to place the container can bear this measure of weight.

If the ground is soft and it can’t bear the weight of the truck, the driver will take a call to deliver it or not. In such cases, you might want to have a backup spot available where the ground is firm. If you have questions, contact us before delivery.

3. What kind of surface does a shipping container require? There are some important aspects to keep in mind in terms of surface requirements for a shipping container. One aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is if the doors of the shipping container can open properly.

If the surface is not level, the container doors may not open correctly. This tends to happen because uneven surfaces can cause doors to twist just enough to create alignment issues.

Similarly, if the surface is too soft the container, owing to its heavy weight, might sink in, hindering smooth door movement. Ensure that the surface is concrete, paved, or at the very least sturdy to prevent sinking.

Drainage is another important aspect to consider because you don't want water to flood around the container.  You may need to prop up your container to prevent this.

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4. What direction will the container doors face? Before your container is safely delivered, inform your storage container rental company where you want the doors facing before you place your order. This will ensure that there is no confusion and you can have the door facing in the right direction.

 5. Are container delivery charges included in the price? Typically, container delivery charges are not included in the quoted price unless clearly specified. Pricing is based on the carriers drop yard location and the delivery address radius.

 6. Do I require a permit for a shipping container? Different cities or counties will have different rules and regulations regarding the placement of containers. Furthermore, the time period for which you plan on keeping the container will also play a part in whether or not you require a permit. Typically, permits are not required to store containers. However, there are a few municipal authorities that insist on permissions, so make sure to contact your local authorities for clarification.

 7. Do I require insurance for storage containers? At Mobile Modular Portable Storage, we do require a proof of insurance, although this is only when renting a container. Furthermore, this insurance requirement can be waived for a monthly fee in certain cases.

This sums up the seven important things to know before the delivery of your shipping container. If you are looking for a portable storage container for rent or sale, and have further questions, contact Mobile Modular Portable Storage or request a quote today.

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