What is a Shipping Container Kitchen?


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shipping container kitchen

Shipping container kitchens represent another exciting way in which shipping containers can be repurposed for different uses. With just a few modifications, these portable units can transform into functional commercial kitchens. Shipping container kitchens can also be customized depending on your specific business needs.


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What Are Shipping Container Kitchens?

Shipping container kitchens refer to shipping containers that have been repurposed, or “upcycled,” to fulfill a variety of commercial cooking applications.


This transformation requires several modifications, including adding insulation, electrical panels, and cutting doors and windows. Kitchen appliances must also be installed on the interior, along with an HVAC system.

Shipping container kitchens also come in different sizes, which means business owners can pick and choose depending on the amount of space they have to work with and how much room they need to perform professional tasks. Individuals who require more space should be aware that containers are stackable and can join together in different ways.

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What are the Different Types of Shipping Container Kitchens?

A shipping container kitchen can undergo modifications to satisfy different needs. These units can help owners distribute pre-made, packaged items and even cocktails. Their range also extends from simple food prep to complete menu cooking.

Once you figure out what you'll prepare in your mobile kitchen, you'll need to decide how you want your customers to interact with the facility. You could, for instance, set up a prep kitchen with no direct customer service. You could also create a delivery-only establishment, conducted either by your staff or a third-party delivery service.

Pop-up restaurants are another possibility, with indoor and outdoor seating available for customers. In this instance, servers would take food prepared in the shipping container kitchen and deliver it directly to the table. You could also create a system where customers can pick up their orders from a delivery window.

Shipping container food trucks are another option for companies looking to skirt traditional service options. Drive-thru and walk-up windows are also options to consider.

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What are the Benefits of Turning Shipping Containers into Kitchens?

Shipping containers are large steel boxes used for transporting goods across the ocean. These ready-built units are often celebrated for being durable and sturdy. Conex containers are also portable, meaning you can move them in case of a natural disaster.

This mobility also grants you the freedom to move your company wherever you like. If you are not getting the business you expected from a specific spot, you can always move to a different area and see how your food services fare. You can even move your shipping container kitchen to other locations for festivals and big events.

It also takes much less time to convert a shipping container into a commercial kitchen than to build one from scratch.

Another cost-saving feature revolves around plumbing. Shipping container kitchens can be hooked up to the local water supply and sewage system. Check with local regulations to see what your area allows.


Environmentally minded individuals will also be pleased to hear that repurposing used boxes is an incredibly effective way to "go green." The process reduces the number of new construction materials needed and prevents these structures from going to waste.

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How much does a shipping container cost?

A shipping container can sell for anywhere from $2,000-$4,500. The price depends on a number of factors, including if it is new or used.  If it has been used to transport goods before, then the amount of wear and tear it has experienced will also factor into the price.

How much does it cost to build a commercial kitchen?

The overall costs of building, opening, and operating a commercial kitchen ranges from $450,000-$550,000. The high price tag is one of the many reasons shipping container kitchens are becoming more popular. These affordable alternatives can be constructed for just a fraction of that price.

What is a mobile kitchen?

A mobile kitchen is a modified unit with built-in cooking equipment. These facilities are often mobile, as in a food truck or trailer, meaning they can be easily moved from one location to another.

Can a human live in a shipping container?

Conex boxes are not meant for residential purposes. That said, these buildings can be converted into livable facilities. You'll need to check with local authorities before you begin. They require insulation, plumbing, electricity, and more.

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