Are Shipping Containers Waterproof?


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are shipping containers watertight?

A growing number of entrepreneurs are looking towards shipping containers to satisfy a number of creative solutions. Restaurant owners have found ways to turn them into full-service restaurants, shop owners have begun leaning on them for retail space, and business owners are relying on shipping containers for temporary office space during moves and renovations.

It’s clear that storage containers are now being used in new and creative ways across a number of industries. But, with more businesses ready to adopt new approaches to business solutions, it’s also important to address how well they’ll stand up to different environments.

Are they waterproof, for instance? Are they wind and watertight? Check out the post below for answers to these questions and more.

Shipping Containers: Waterproof, Wind and Watertight Requirements

Shipping containers are made of steel, which is what allows them to withstand drastic temperature variations. They are also tightly sealed and make for extremely secure storage spaces, able to protect against theft.

That said, steel is not entirely waterproof, making it susceptible to corrosion. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this process from taking place. They include:

Anti-Corrosion Coating

A special paint on a steel alloy can keep water from pooling on the container, which helps prevent corrosion. The coating also protects against wear and tear, heavy impacts, salt water, mineral oil and splashed solvents. This allows the container to last for years.

Routine Maintenance

Keep a close eye on your container for any rust or damage. These conditions can lead to small holes and damages, which could allow water to pass through the container.

Keep Away from Condensation 

If possible, it’s best to store shipping containers in a dry place and away from condensation. Some moisture control options include silica and calcium chloride desiccants.

Wind and Watertight Containers

When it comes to containers, the term “watertight” means no water can pass through. This can be achieved with the help of rubber door seals, which will prevent any water or moisture from entering the container.

When purchasing a used shipping container, make sure there is no damage to the seals. Any wear and tear here can lead to limited protection against water damage.

Remember, shipping containers serve as both effective and eco-friendly storage solutions. Thanks to their durability, they can be used to store goods across long distances and are able to withstand inclement weather conditions.

For permanent solutions, industry insiders will recommend a shipping container for sale. For a more temporary approach, it’s best to stick to a rental agreement. They can be used across industries, from agriculture to education, automotive to manufacturing and more.

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