February 8, 2018

Why Using Shipping Containers for Events is a Great Idea

shipping container applications

For trade shows or entertainment events, shipping containers provide a truly unique consumer experience. Their modern design and versatile customization options help create a distinctive, state-of-the-art exhibit space.

From setting up a ticket booth to creating additional storage, shipping containers for events serve multiple purposes at a minimal cost. In fact, well-known brands worldwide such as Coca-Cola and Adidas, use containers to create unique shopping experiences that allow customers to try out and buy new products.

We provide high-quality ground-level offices and combo units equipped with HVAC, lights, and pre-stubbed phone and data boxes. You can also use our strong, durable steel containers to keep valuable goods safe at the event location.


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Why Use Storage Containers for Trade Shows?

shipping containers for events and entertainment Mobile Modular Portable Storage is a leading storage solutions provider for the arts and entertainment industry. You can use our container units to store fragile stage lighting, trusses, PA equipment, exhibition items, and other inventory and equipment.

If you need both storage and working space, use our office and storage combo container units to create a pop-up shop or café at flea markets, concerts, and art exhibits. Our affordable space-saving accessories and customizations give you convenience and security.

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Shipping Container Size Options

containers for trade shows

We offer shipping containers in the following sizes:

  • Storage units come in 10-, 20-, 24-, or 40-foot sizes (we offer standard, double-door and high-security options)
  • Office units come in 10-, 20-, or 40-foot sizes
  • Combo units come in 20- or 40-foot sizes



Check our size guide to learn more about shipping container dimensions.

shipping container size options.jpg

  1. 10-foot shipping container: Our 10-foot storage units offer 586 cubic feet of space to store anything you want, from banquet inventory and promotional items to gifts and merchandise. You can have air conditioning, electrical fittings, Wi-Fi, and telephone connections, along with other optional upgrades. This portable storage container is ideal for tight spaces that require more flexibility. You can place these units at convenience stores, small exhibitions, malls, and more.
  2. 20-foot shipping container: With 160 square feet, our 8-by-20-foot containers provide secure, reliable storage for your projects. Our 20-foot containers typically accommodate approximately 25 to 28 cubic meters of goods. You can even modify a 20-foot unit to hold inventory, materials, and necessary equipment plus accommodate two to three people comfortably.
  3. 24-foot shipping container: A 24-foot storage container typically provides 1,440 feet of cubic capacity. You can store large tools, important documents, inventory, expensive machines, and other equipment in these containers.
  4. 40-foot shipping container: Designed with double doors, you can use our high-security 40-foot containers to keep field equipment, registration tables, sound and lighting equipment, and up to 2,390 cubic feet of supplies safe at large-scale events. The high-security option protects expensive goods against theft and damage, especially in more vulnerable remote areas.

Our office and combo containers function perfectly for things such as as a trade show booth, registration desk, brand awareness area, command centers or headquarters, lost-and-found counter, or an on-site facility room for your staff at the event location.

How Do Our Containers Help Trade Shows and Events?

Our shipping container rentals are the ideal choice for events, concerts, and entertainment projects. These are some of the benefits they provide:

Safety and Reliability

shipping containers used in trade shows

Shipping containers are sturdy and protect valuable equipment, such as cameras, amplifiers, dynamic lighting, and VFX devices from wind, water, and climatic wear. We also offer security customizations, such as HASP locks that prevent theft and tampering.




Efficient Management

Quickly access your inventory whenever required and efficiently allocate resources for your events without having to waste time waiting for goods and deliverables. Additionally, our HVAC-controlled office units function in hot weather and humid climates, giving your staff the comfort they need to perform their job well.

Better Brand Awareness and Outreach

The flexible design of a shipping container makes it easy to customize according to your brand's niche.  You can get creative with graphics, paint the exteriors, or even use virtual reality to create an immersive experience for your customers.

Our containers are equipped with forklift pockets, making them easy to transport to a wide range of locations. As a result, brand owners can capitalize on seasonal trends, reach out to new clients, and conduct events and shows to increase their footprint without worrying about the infrastructural requirements.

Contact our team to learn more about the features and upgrades we offer, price points, and delivery to your location. 

Shipping Container Applications for Events or Entertainment Projects

You can use our customizable shipping containers for the following events and entertainment applications:

Ticket Booths

shipping container applications

Create a booking and check-in counter with our aesthetically pleasing and functional office containers to take your event to the next level.





Display Areas

Our combo containers offer ample space to store and display products while leaving enough room to interact with customers.

Inventory Management

Keep your expensive technical equipment, giveaways, and other valuables safe and easily accessible with our on-site storage solutions.

More Examples

uses of shipping containers Display your customized shipping container at festivals, concerts, college campuses, sporting events, and more. Use them as spaces for classes/workshops, product launches, competitions and games, or eateries.





How much does a new 40-foot shipping container cost?

A 40-foot container costs anywhere from $3,400 to $8,600. The price of shipping containers depends on its condition, age, and customizations.

How much does it cost to buy a 20-foot shipping container?

You can buy 20-foot shipping containers for as little as $2,350. Container rentals are another cost-effective solution and typically start as low as $95 per month.

Can you use containers at events, shows, and concerts?

storage containers being used at events Yes! Shipping containers are a practical, cost-effective solution for creating ticket booths, display areas, customer interaction areas, pop-up cafes, command centers, and facility counters at events and entertainment projects.


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